The mainstream miner S9 is approaching the shutdown price, and currently there are 7 bitcoin mining machines at the shutdown price.

According to the latest data of F2pool, based on the current difficulty of mining the entire network of Bitcoin, the electricity price is 0.35 yuan / kWh, there are Shenma M3 (¥80444), Shenma M3v2 (¥77709), Snow Leopard A1 (¥58527), ant V9 ( ¥118761), Avalon A741 (¥72868), Wingbit E9 (¥67070), Ant T9 (¥63083) and other 7 bitcoin mining machines are at the shutdown price. In addition, the mainstream mining machine S9 (¥46255) is also very close to the shutdown price. According to previous reports, Dovey Wan, founding partner of Primitive Ventures, said: "As far as I know, all S9 miners are selling in panic because they are very close to shutting down the currency. It is important to know that S9 accounts for more than half of the computing power."