Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin: Libra is not good for blockchain expansion

On October 24, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin issued 21 tweets, saying that the expansion of the encryption field benefited from experiments, including the Libra project, but a blockchain project led by Facebook is not good for the expansion of the encryption field because The project will have a Facebook model. Exploring a currency that is linked to the value of another asset or assets and that is price-stable is important, and we are entering an era in which the world's monetary system is challenged, and this technology can provide a potential solution. Joseph Lubin said that projects and technologies like Libra should not be controversial, because MakerDAO, JPMorgan Chase and others are also working on similar projects, and without Facebook, it will not be noticeable. With 2.3 billion users and given its past history, Facebook is leading a project like this. Libra is the dominant technology player trying to push himself into the future of the Internet (blockchain), perhaps seeing the ominous signs, hoping to gain a foothold in the new technology area such as the blockchain, at the negotiating table To have a role to play. In the end, Joseph Lubin asked Facebook that instead of adopting decentralized technology and simplifying it, why not contribute to the work that has enabled thousands of people to make progress?