Digital currency of Chinese listed companies (middle)

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At present, digital currency concept stocks are very hot. In the digital currency of China's listed companies, Jianghu (top) mentioned that many concept stocks have a “super market”, and Keda shares have achieved 4 consecutive boards, Jinguan shares have 5 days and 4 boards, and Zhidu shares have 3 boards. The range of fluctuations mentioned in the section refers to the rise and fall from the date of the digital currency sector to October 23).

Traditional listed companies have gathered their eyes on the blockchain and digital currency markets. They want to share a piece of the pie, and the soaring data is fascinating and confusing.

Straight Flush Digital Currency Sector, October 23, 2019

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and rivers and lakes, destined to bloody hurricanes!

Mr. Jin Yong has described us as a martial arts world. In this world, there are so many mysterious and martial arts sects in the mountains. The major sects want to maintain and strengthen their position in the rivers and lakes. They must have their own. The tricks, such as the Shaolin Temple's Yijinjing, Wudang's Taijiquan, the gang's big dog stick method and the dragon's eighteen palms, the happy northern gods, the Mingjiao's great moves.

Similarly, in the field of digital currency, major traditional listed companies want to try to seize a place, but also must plan different strategies and cultivate their own tricks.

Therefore, some people spread the net, comprehensive layout, such as Guangdian Express, participate in the establishment of the chain of gold clothing, with intelligent finance, intelligent convenience as the core, to create a "blockchain +" service ecosystem. Some people focus on training, step by step, such as flying integrity, currently only focus on the wallet. Some people are preemptive, and they are beginning to emerge. If the public is connected, the digital currency exchange platform has the ability to land applications; such as Hailian Jinhui, the underlying platform chain based on the blockchain has been successfully developed, and several application cases have been put on the ground. Some people have to recharge their batteries, such as Oma Electric, which is in the research and development stage, and has not yet announced relevant business.

However, on the rivers and lakes, the bad sects shouted the slogan for the heavens. When the six major factions in the "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Slayer" were besieging Guangmingding, the major sects were all justified, saying that it was for the sake of the people, but actually for the sake of their own desires. What's more, the brothers of Huashan School's heads are not ruined by themselves, and the death of the brothers and brothers of the extermination of the teacher, Gu Hongzi and the disciple Ji Xiaofu, is not the result of Mingjiao.

"Famous and decent" is still the case. We are outside the martial art. We should get through the rules of our own governor. We must cultivate our internal strengths and learn our own tricks. We must not be the swords of others when we walk in the rivers and lakes.

The digital currency of Chinese listed companies is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower. This article is a middle part, which talks about Guangdian Express, Zhongying Internet, Hailian Jinhui, Oma Electric, and Feitian Integrity.

Guangdian Express:

The all-round layout creates a “blockchain+” service ecosystem, which is currently in the theoretical and technical reserve stage, and will not have a material impact on the company's operating results in the short term.

Layout area: supply chain finance; intelligent logistics; smart devices; unmanned retail; electronic voucher

Involved in the company: chain up to gold service; blockchain cloud; Green Valley alliance concept ranking: 2 interval increase: 15 % Introduction: Guangdian Express (002152) is known as Guangzhou Guangdian Express Financial Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Guangdong Province, information equipment – The computer equipment industry is mainly engaged in operational services, big data solutions, and various intelligent terminal devices. According to the Securities Times, it was learned from Guangdian Express that the company's grandson, Guangzhou Yuntong Chain Dajin Service Technology Co., Ltd. has become the second batch of units that have passed the blockchain information service filing. Opinion : Guangdian Express said on the platform of the deep interactive platform that the company has been in the blockchain field since January 2016, and in May 2017, it established the Guangdong Virtual Assets and Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center. In May 2018, Guangdian Express issued an announcement stating that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Guangdian Express Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yuntong Information”) and Beijing Blockchain Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “blockchain cloud”), green Valley Alliance High-Tech Co., Ltd. ("Green Valley Alliance") jointly invested in the establishment of blockchain technology company – Guangzhou Guangdian Expressway Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (now renamed as Guangzhou Yuntong Chain Gold Service Technology Co., Ltd.), and Obtain a business license.

The registered capital of the blockchain is 10 million yuan, and each shareholder contributes with its own funds. Among them, Yuntong Information invests 4.5 million yuan and holds 45% of the shares; Blockchain Cloud contributes 3 million yuan and holds 30% of the shares; Green Valley Alliance It invested 2.5 million yuan and holds 25% of the shares.

Guangzhou Yuntong Chain Dajin Service Technology Co., Ltd. aims to build a “blockchain+” service ecosystem with the platform building, strategic cooperation, resources and benefit sharing as the link around intelligent finance, intelligent convenience and intelligent government construction. It is still in the stage of technology research and development, and will not have a substantial impact on the company's operating results in the short term.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

On the deep interactive platform, Guangdian Express said that the company helped the country's first rail transit block electronic invoice in March this year, and said that it is currently developing related products in the combination of electronic voucher and blockchain.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

Public should be connected:

The digital currency exchange platform has completed major functional technology research and has the ability to land. Currently in the process of applying for government licensing, but currently does not involve blockchain business.

Layout area: payment function; ticket chain platform; supply chain; exchange

Companies involved: MMOGA; blockchain finance; Jude Finance; Jude Maker; Chengrui Investment

Concept Ranking: 1

Interval increase: 2%

Introduction: Zhongying Internet (002464) is called Zhongying Internet Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Kunshan Jinli Surface Material Application Technology Co., Ltd. ("Jinli Technology"), located in Jiangsu Province, information service-communication service industry, the main business Authorization / registration code business and game virtual goods business. On August 12th, Zhongying Internet disclosed the “Prompt Announcement on the Shareholders Signing the Supplementary Agreement of the Share Transfer Agreement”, the “voting entrustment agreement” and the change of the actual controller. After that, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Zhongying Internet. The company is required to submit the relevant materials to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and disclose it to the public before August 16, 2019. However, Zhongying Internet has repeatedly disclosed the notice of deferred reply, and has not yet responded to the letter of concern. On October 15th, the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange showed that due to the multiple delays in replying to the letter of concern, Zhongying Internet issued a supervision letter to Zhongying Internet, requesting the public to promptly reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's inquiries within the prescribed time limit.


In terms of digital currency, the platform of the digital currency exchange of the subsidiary company has completed the technical research of the main functions and has the ability to land. Currently, it is applying for the government license process, but it does not currently involve the blockchain business .

In addition, Muzhong Yinglian (then "Jinli Technology") acquired the game trading platform MMOGA in 2015. MMOGA is an Internet B2C e-commerce intermediary platform that provides related transaction services for genuine license/registration code and game virtual goods, MMOGA The platform has a bitcoin payment function.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

Zhongying Internet has signed cooperation agreements with a number of companies, such as Jude Finance, Jude Maker, and Blockchain Finance, to prepare for the layout of the blockchain field. Currently, no relevant cooperation contracts have been signed.

According to the announcement issued by Zhongying Internet, Zhongying Internet signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Management Committee of Zhangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shenzhen Haode Financial Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Jude Finance”) on May 30, 2018. On July 6, 2018, Shenzhen Shengde Chuangke Financial Investment Co., Ltd. ("Jude Deke"), Shenzhen Chengrui Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. ("Chengrui Investment"), Shenzhen Block Chain Financial Services Limited ("Blockchain Finance") signed the Investment Framework Agreement. The actual controllers of Jude Finance, Jude Maker, and Blockchain Finance are Cao Yu and Liu Tingting. The actual controller of Chengrui Investment is Cao Yu. Cao Yu and Liu Tingting are married.

According to the report, the main products of the target company (Shenzhen Blockchain Financial Services Co., Ltd.) are the blockchain platform based on blockchain technology and the supply chain financial service system. At the same time, it indicates that the agreement is only a framework document for cooperation, and the impact on the company's operating performance depends on the promotion and implementation of specific projects.

According to Tianshichao, Zhongying Internet and Jude Finance are the shareholders of Beijing Zhongying Data Technology Service Co., Ltd., in which Zhongying Internet shares account for 35%, which is the largest shareholder, and the shares of Jude Finance account for 30%. The second largest shareholder, while Jude Finance holds 5% of the shares of Zhongying. In addition, Zhongying Internet said on the interactive platform that it has not signed the relevant cooperation contract. There is still uncertainty as to how much impact the future cooperation will have on the company's business. Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

Hailian Jinhui:

In recent years, the company has continued to invest in the blockchain field. The top chain of the blockchain platform has been successfully developed. Many cases based on the excellent chain have been implemented, involving supply chain finance, cross-border factoring financing, etc.

Layout field: the underlying platform chain; supply chain financial service platform; cross-border factoring financing credit management platform; deposit certificate platform; financial payment and points wallet; automotive industry Internet

Involved in the company: Network Link Clearing Co., Ltd.; linkage advantage; car technology; Beiqi Futian; Huawei

Concept rank: 1

Interval increase: -18 %

Introduction: Hailian Jinhui (002537) is a full name of Hailian Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shandong Province, a computer-computer application industry. Its main business is automobile and auto parts manufacturing, home appliance parts manufacturing, motor and parts manufacturing and Three-party payment, etc. The reporting period of Hailian Jinhui's third-party payment business was significantly lower than that of last year. On October 14, Hailian Jinhui released the announcement of the revised forecast for the first three quarters of 2019, claiming that it was originally expected to belong from January to September 2019. The net profit change range for shareholders of listed companies is -5 million yuan to 5 million yuan, which is revised to a loss of 20 million yuan to 30 million yuan. At the same time, it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from July to September 2019 is higher than that of the previous year. During the same period, it decreased by 231.76% to 242.44%.


Hailian Jinhui said in the Shenzhen Interactive Platform that the company has an independent blockchain research department with nearly 40 people. The research direction is mainly blockchain technology and application, not specifically for legal digital currency or virtual currency. 36 patents related to the blockchain have been submitted, and various standards and white papers on blockchain have been drafted. However, research patents have not yet been obtained in terms of digital currency. According to Sky Eye, the blockchain patents applied by Hailian Jinhui's wholly-owned subsidiary Linkage Advantage Technology Co., Ltd. are: a method and device for the effective implementation of blockchain smart contracts; And device; blockchain consensus algorithm testing method, device, computing device and storage medium; a blockchain data archiving method and device; a blockchain based marketing information updating system and method; blockchain consensus algorithm Test method, device, computing device and storage medium; a blockchain-based marketing fee settlement system and method; a blockchain-based marketing data acquisition system and method; a blockchain generation method and data verification method , node and system; a blockchain generation method, node and system; a blockchain generation method, data verification method, node and system.

The subsidiary company's linkage advantage and the People's Bank of China Liquidation Center, Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. and other 45 institutions jointly established Network Link Clearing Co., Ltd., contributed 39.8 million yuan The shares accounted for 1.99%. On August 1, 2017, Hailian Jinhui announced that its third-tier subsidiary Linkage Advantage E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and the People’s Bank of China’s Liquidation Center, Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and 45 institutions and companies such as UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. (Union Holdings Co., Ltd. holds 7.51% of Hailian Jinhui) signed the Agreement on the Establishment of Network Link Clearing Co., Ltd. on July 28, 2017, Established "Network Link Clearing Co., Ltd.". Among them, Linkage Advantage E-Commerce Co., Ltd. invested 39.8 million yuan, accounting for 1.99% of the network clearing shares, UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. invested 31 million yuan, accounting for 1.55% of the network clearing shares.

Hailian Jinhui said that the subsidiary company's linkage advantage has been the executive director of the China Payment and Clearing Association, and participated in and completed the relevant issues of the Digital Payment Research Group of the China Payment and Clearing Association.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

The blockchain bottom layer platform has been successfully developed and passed the test of the National Institute of Information and Communications. The excellent chain-based excellent chain cloud deposit certificate platform and cross-border factoring financing credit management platform have been launched. The supply chain financial service platform has been launched. Complete the record.

Hailian Jinhui said on the interactive platform that the third-tier subsidiary Linkage Advantage E-Commerce Co., Ltd. independently developed the blockchain bottom layer platform (English name: UChains) in 2017, and passed the China Information Communication under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The test of the "Certificate Blockchain" standard of the Institute; won the bid of the "Finance Technology Service Platform Purchase Project – Blockchain Real-time Monitoring Platform" of China Information and Communication Research Institute; "Excellent Chain Cloud Depository Platform" based on the excellent chain system And the "blockchain-based cross-border factoring financing credit management platform" has been put into operation; the supply chain financial service platform based on the research and development of the underlying platform of the excellent chain blockchain–the business license is completed in the National Internet Information Office.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

Hailian Jinhui has cooperated with a number of enterprises based on blockchain technology, including Beiqi Foton, Cheche Technology, and Huawei. The mutual assistance and innovation products of the public welfare community based on blockchain technology have successfully landed. On March 27, 2018, Hailian Jinhui announced that its subsidiary, Linkage Advantage Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Vehicle and Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Technical Service Development Contract", and the linkage advantage is based on blockchain technology for vehicle technology development. Financial payment and points wallet business.

In addition, on April 8, 2018, the joint advantage and Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in Beijing, based on the combination of blockchain technology and the automotive industry Internet; according to the interactive platform, 2018 On March 22nd, Cheqi Technology and Huawei Cloud and Hailian Jinhui designed and developed a mutual aid community based on blockchain technology application – Abao Mutual Assistance, the success of Abao mutual assistance, marking the blockchain strategy of Hailian Jinhui District The first battle was successful.

Oma Electric:

The layout of the financial industry is still in the research stage, and has not yet formed relevant business, which will not affect the company's operating profit in the short term.

Layout area: financial industry; credit business processing and risk control; payment system

Involved in the company: Qianyuan Technology

Concept Ranking: 1

Interval increase: -6 %


Aoma Electric (002668) is a full name of Guangdong Aoma Electric Co., Ltd., located in Guangdong Province, the household appliance industry, the main business is refrigerator manufacturing and sales business, financial technology business. On October 15, Rongrong Group announced that because the company's chairman Yin Hongwei was suspected of violating securities laws and regulations, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a Notice of Investigation, and the CSRC decided to investigate the case. According to Tianyanchao, Yinhongwei and Zhao Guodong controlled Tibet Rongtong Zhongjin Investment Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder of Omar Electric, holding 12.44% of OMa Electric, and the first major shareholder was Zhao Guodong.

Opinion: Omar Electric said on the interactive platform that the company currently has more than 30 core technical teams, but has not yet formed related business. Omar Electric began researching digital currency and blockchain technology from the beginning of 2016, and established an innovation team. In July 2016, it established a joint financial and chemical laboratory with Tongji University. The main research direction is the application of blockchain technology in the financial industry; Participated in the prototype design of the central bank's digital currency; the wholly-owned subsidiary Digital Qianyuan Technology Co., Ltd. ("Qianyuan Technology") integrated the company's team and business, and laid out blockchain technology research and development. According to Skyscan, Qianyuan Technology applied for five blockchain and cryptocurrency-related patents in 2018, namely: blockchain-based asset-backed securities issuance plan generation method and system, and digital currency-based virtual credit card transaction method and system. A blockchain-based payment system and method, a blockchain-based fiscal and taxation processing system and method, and a blockchain lending method and system.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

Flying integrity:

There is a certain technical reserve and research. At present, there is not much investment in the blockchain field. Only the wallet is launched, and there is no impact on the performance.

Layout area: wallet

Involved company: Bubby Company

Concept Ranking: 1

Interval increase: -1 %


Feitian Integrity (300386) is a full name of Feitian Integrity Technology Co., Ltd., located in Beijing, the computer-computer equipment industry. Its main business is the development, production, sales and service of information security products with identity authentication as the core. On October 14, Feitian Integrity issued a performance forecast. It is estimated that the net profit for the first three quarters will be RMB 26.97 million to RMB 34.68 million, down 55%-65% year-on-year.


In 2016, Feitian Integrity indicated that it has begun to lay out the blockchain. The research direction is digital currency security based on blockchain technology and financial service technology. In September 2016, the first blockchain technology was released. Digital currency fingerprint hardware wallet product.

In addition, the company and Bubbi have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which will cooperate extensively on core technology products, identity authentication and private key protection in the blockchain field. However, no relevant contracts have been signed so far, and no cooperation projects have been implemented.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, October 23, 2019

In September 2018, at the Token Fest International Blockchain Exhibition held in Boston, USA, the new generation of digital currency cold wallet hardware product JuBiter blade was released to the world, which can save digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to Skyscan, the patents related to blockchain applied by Feitian Integrity are: a blockchain-based information authorization method and device, a method and device for anonymous identity authentication based on blockchain, and a blockchain-based Identity authentication method and system, method and system for securely obtaining server trusted data by blockchain, working method and device for multi-protocol blockchain, information authorization method and device based on blockchain, and Hardware wallet and its holder authentication method, key derivation method and device for digital currency; digital currency related patents are: key derivation method and device for digital currency, and digital currency hardware wallet application update A method and device for creating a secure channel, a digital currency fingerprint hardware wallet, an electronic transaction method and system based on digital currency.