Guangzhou Huadu District People's Hospital opened the country's first blockchain inpatient electronic bill

The Huadu District People's Hospital of Guangzhou City held the “Guangdong Province's first full-process electronic bill online launch conference”, announcing the successful launch of the whole process (outpatient + hospitalization) medical electronic bills. It is understood that Huadu District People's Hospital, with the technical support of Kingdee Medical and Guangdong Ruilian Technology Co., Ltd., has realized the information flow of electronic settlement in various links in a short period of time, and successfully docked the Guangdong financial electronic bill blockchain application platform. On September 29, the hospital successfully opened the first outpatient medical electronic bill. On October 16, the electronic bill was extended to hospitalization and officially covered the whole hospital business. So far, Huadu District People's Hospital has become the first medical institution in the country to go online in the blockchain hospitalized medical electronic bills, and is the first online medical invoice unit in Guangdong Province.