DApp activity: Three major public partners DApp yesterday, a total of 196,689 active users

According to DAppTotal.com data, yesterday (April 17), ETH/EOS/TRON three public chain DApp single-day active users a total of 196,689, of which EOS public chain accounted for 74.33%, the best performance. Comparison of the three major public chains: total users (number): EOS(146,207) > TRON(37,396) > ETH(13,086); total transactions (pen): EOS(3,743,845) > TRON(1,082,677) > ETH(61,896) Total transaction amount (US$): EOS(18,627,435) > ETH(7,193,722) > TRON(5,320,331); across the three public chains TOP 3 DApp are: By user: Endless Game (EOS), Hash Baby (EOS), BingoBet (EOS); by number of transactions: Hash Baby (EOS), TRONbet (TRON), BetHash (EOS); by transaction amount: EOSJacks (EOS), FCK (ETH), Poker EOS (EOS).