Analysis of the second batch of blockchain service filing list: on-site verification by the public security network supervision department, half of the declared projects were rejected

According to the Securities Daily News, on October 18, the Central Network Information Office released the second batch of domestic blockchain service filing list (hereinafter referred to as the “second batch list”), and 309 service lists were on the list. The members of this list are full of weights, from national ministries and commissions to state-owned banks, and more to Internet companies such as Ali and Baidu. The reporter noted that in the first trading day after the publication of the first batch of domestic blockchain service filing lists, there were up to 28 blockchain stocks daily limit. However, the uncharacteristic is that for the announcement of the second batch of lists, the securities market reaction was flat, and the blockchain concept stocks did not rise and fall. "There is less fish in the water, the shouting of the flag is small, the bubble is squeezed, and the market naturally returns to rationality." The reporter learned from many parties that the second batch of filing lists was more strictly reviewed, and joined the on-site verification process to strictly investigate illegal “currency” projects, and a large number of blockchain companies failed to pass inspections. According to informed sources, the filing review is quite strict. As far as it is known, from the perspective of the industry, there are more than 300 blockchain projects applying for the second batch of filings, at least half of which have not been passed, in his city. In other words, only one application for the six blockchain enterprises was approved.