Hong Kong China Macro Research Institute Houses: Digital Money Must Be a Real Object

According to Sina Finance News, the “2019 China Financial Forum” of the China Science and Technology Fair was held in Beijing on October 23-24, 2019. At the Capital Market Outlook Summit, Fang Sihai, dean of the Hong Kong China Macro Research Institute and director of the National Financial Security Expert Committee of Tsinghua University, said that digital currency is a new thing. Is it a higher requirement for itself, that is, "digital currency" replaces legal currency? Includes a lot of ideas. But the digital currency I think is a good thing, a new thing. Digital currency is a spear and is now being explored. Now I want to replace the meaning of beauty, I think the currency, the currency of Marx in the past, the environment has money. Because the environment is from outside the sky. But why is the French currency as a currency but acceptable? Because the National Political Consultative Conference replaces the French currency like a digital currency, I feel unrealistic. Whether some of the current digital currencies use gold as a spear or use that currency as a spear, I think this is development. After all, digital currency is convenient for everyone. I think digital currency is a development direction, but it must be made of gold or some kind of real thing or legal currency, or as a guarantee.