Quartet: The blockchain project contributes very little to current performance

According to the China Securities Network, the Quartet Jingchuang announced that the company's stocks closed for more than 20% of the closing price of the three consecutive trading days, which was an abnormal fluctuation in stock trading. The company, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller do not have any major issues that the company should disclose but not disclose, and there are no major issues at the planning stage. The company warned that the company has carried out technical reserves and exploration in the blockchain and digital currency fields, and jointly released the distributed open platform solution “Fincube” with Huawei. The company has successfully developed and implemented blockchain projects, but its contribution to current performance is very small, and there is still uncertainty about the future performance of the company; the company actively researches and explores technologies and applications in the digital currency field, but the market prospects in this field and The impact of the future on the company's performance is still uncertain; the company's solution "Fincube" with Huawei has been introduced to the market, but it will take time to form a sales contribution to the company and has no significant impact on the company's current performance.