Shanghai stock index oscillated slightly by 0.02%, digital currency concept is active

According to the Changjiang Business News, the Shanghai Composite Index was shocked around the closing point on Wednesday, and it fell back after half a year in the intraday trading session. It eventually closed out two consecutive yin. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index was 2940.92 points, a decrease of 0.02%; the Shenzhen Stock Index reported 9555.76 points, a decrease of 0.13%; the GEM pointed to 1653.86 points, an increase of 0.22%. The market turnover continued to be sluggish, and the total turnover of the two cities was only about 360 billion yuan. . The concept of digital currency is still active, with Quartet (26.350, 1.65, 6.68%) and Julong (14.550, 0.44, 3.12%) daily limit.