Cryptopia's stolen investigation process has been updated, and the reasons for the theft and the repayment of customer assets have not progressed much.

According to Grant Thornton, on October 25th, Cryptopia, an encrypted exchange, issued an announcement to update the investigation of the theft and the process of customer asset compensation. The announcement shows that Cryptopia still seeks New Zealand legal guidance on determining the legal status of the shares held by the client, the investigation of the cause of the theft and the compensation for the client's assets; however, the reasons for the theft and the repayment of the client's assets have not progressed. Cryptopia will be divided into three main phases with the customer reconciliation process: protecting asset and company data, wallet environment and customer tuning, and identifying users and returns. However, the stage of “determining users and returning assets” is still in its early stages. Cryptopia said that the determination of customer asset holdings is still in progress and will take some time to complete. At the same time, Cryptopia said it has sold the relevant plant and auction related equipment, but the compensation for stolen assets still needs to be instructed by the New Zealand courts, as well as to meet legal requirements and obligations and anti-money laundering, understanding of customers (AML / KYC) requirements. With regard to the investigation of stolen assets, Cryptopia will continue to work with the New Zealand police and international authorities to determine the source of hacking in January 2019, but will not target the root cause of the investigation. Instead, Cryptopia's role is to maintain stakeholders. The interests and recovery of losses. In this regard, Cryptopia has been working on it to track down and freeze stolen assets. In addition, Cryptopia will submit its next report update in early December.