The Bitcoin Foundation website has failed, and the board members said they are unclear but the foundation is working properly.

On October 25th, BitMEX Research said on Twitter that after its report on the Bitcoin Foundation, the Bitcoin Foundation website appeared to be down, and it has not returned to normal. BitMEX Research has questioned that the Bitcoin Foundation has been closed. Immediately check with several members of the Bitcoin Foundation and present the relevant salary financial statements to ask about the salary distribution status of the Bitcoin Foundation. In response, Bruce Fenton, a board member and former executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, responded that the Bitcoin Foundation is still functioning, but is not sure what the site is because its managers are volunteers. Bruce Fenton also said that members of the Foundation's board of directors are volunteers. The former executive director was paid, but he left the company a few months ago and was not sure about the exact date of his departure. The Foundation now has no paid employees. Personally, Bruce Fenton said that he has never received any compensation from the Foundation, nor has he donated more than 25 bitcoins, nor has he spent a lot of time. BitMEX Research has released the Bitcoin Foundation report and update on September 3, September 23, and September 27; after investigation, the Bitcoin Foundation website seems to have not returned to normal.