Litecoin, the whole line of mining machines approaching the shutdown price… Bitcoin machine S9 is also "hard"

How to say it is good, the Wright currency computing power may usher in a wave of crit.

At present, mining is still in the period of high water. The electricity fee is calculated at 0.35 yuan. The coin printing pool can automatically calculate the net profit of the Litecoin mining machine. The situation is quite horrible. The mainstream L3 series mining machine has reached the shutdown price. All the mining machines under the electricity account accounted for more than 70% of the electricity costs, only three mining machines are still safe, the best performance is the core A6+, but its daily net income is only 5.89 yuan.

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When October is nearing the end, the dry season is coming. According to Feng Wei, the research institute of the currency printing industry, the price of thermal power in the northwest will rise to 0.38 yuan or even 0.4 yuan. Then, the above mining machine will be even more dangerous.

According to a miner analysis, the main contributor to the Litecoin computing power is the L3 series of mining machines, accounting for about 70%. In other words, these machines must be shut down theoretically, then the Litecoin computing power will be reduced by 70%.

Coupled with those precarious machines, the currency price assumption continues to fall, and the calculation of Litecoin will be further reduced. Take a look at the QKL123 data. Since the retracement of the Litecoin, its computing power has fallen by 45% from its high point.

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"Own mine, your own electricity, you can support it." The miner said.

Isn't that terrible? "It doesn't matter," he said.

Why do you say this? In the end, mining is a game of cost and benefit. The above calculation is only a static theoretical calculation.

In fact, the cost of different miners is not the same, the cost is high, and the low cost continues to dig. Moreover, the gap between these different costs is likely to be large, as mining is expanding into specialization and globalization.

Moreover, assuming that the mining machine is shut down in large quantities, the revenue of the remaining mining machines will increase in unit time, which is a process of dynamic balance.

Moreover, even if the price of the currency hits the shutdown price, it is not easy to shut down. The miners and mines, mines and power sellers will sign an annual electricity agreement, and they will not dig.

Moreover, if hedging is used to hedge the currency price in the futures market, the ability to resist risks will be higher.

In addition, some miners have already transferred risks through sales of cloud computing power.

Of course, on the whole, there will definitely be a large amount of computing power that will temporarily withdraw from the historical arena.

Whether the hardship of mining will be transmitted to the secondary market, what is the reference for the investment in the secondary market of Litecoin? Some people believe that the mining cost price is the reserve price of a certain digital currency. Others believe that the price of the currency touches the cost line, and the miners choose to sell the money in large quantities to pay for the cost of electricity. The big selling pressure continues to suppress the price of the currency. Others believe that the price of the secondary market determines the power, but the calculation will not in turn determine the price of the currency.

The degree of specialization of mining is no longer the same, and the complexity of the secondary market is also the same. It is a metaphysical problem to simply derive secondary market investment from the power and cost dimensions.

In the market, there are no cases of conflicts and disputes between miners, mines and power sellers. It may be considered that the price of coins is still within the scope of the miners. For example, if you have not heard that the person who bought the house is selling the sales office and accuses the real estate agent of selling the house at a discount, then don’t expect the house price to fall. WeChat screenshot _20191024180047

Let's take a look at how Bitcoin performs. This is the change chart of bitcoin computing power on QKL123. It has continued to rise and has stood on the historical mark of 100E, but at the moment when bitcoin price penetrates 8,000 dollars, Bitcoin Mining is not easy.

At present, the mining machines with electricity costs less than 50% are basically new high-computing and low-power mining machines. For many years, the snail S9 mining machine is in jeopardy. From the above data, under the electricity price of 0.35 yuan, when the price of bitcoin penetrates 46,466 yuan (about 6,600 US dollars), S9 will touch the shutdown price. WeChat screenshot_20191025094827

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Previously, Babbitt interviewed Jia Feng, the sales director of Jia Nan, and said: "The dry season is coming soon. The large-volume small computing machine will temporarily shut down due to the lack of proper mine hosting, and the price of the currency will decrease. In a short period of time, there will be a decline. Although there are new machines shipped, the actual shipments cannot offset the loss of the large amount of shutdown, so the calculation will not skyrocket before the end of the year. But the calculation is ultimately linked to the rise in the price of the currency. It depends on the price of the currency."

Why is the Litecoin mining machine close to the warning line and the Bitcoin mining machine not? The reason is that Litecoin lacks new and upgraded mining machines.