Market Analysis: The decline is still there, when can it be more?

Everyone seems to like the bargain-hunting, but is the chance of success in bargain-hunting really high? At least in my observation, the chances of success are not high. I personally maintain the previous view. I am still cautiously watching. The current market is in a downward trend, so everyone should be careful to slap their own. Money bag, wait until the signal on the right side appears. A few days ago, I saw the news that Google announced that it has quantum hegemony. Of course, from the current state of view, it is only a breakthrough in specific areas. Once in-depth research, the entire cryptocurrency market will fall apart. This may be the current For the biggest risk in the entire cryptocurrency market, I still feel that everyone should be more cautious.


BTC eventually fell below the support of $7,700. There is a saying that the three touches must break. The multiple touches of $7,700 on the target indicate that the bulls are unable to launch a counterattack here. They can only watch the shorts penetrate this. A support position, the process of killing is also accompanied by the enlargement of the volume, the individual still maintains the previous view, the longer the sideways time here, the worse the market outlook, now a certain set of hard disk on the 7700, and then It is difficult to think about this interval. I personally think that the target does not have the expectation of a sharp rebound in any aspect. The individual expects the next support level to be around $6,800-6,900, but this point is to observe whether it is rebounding or building. At the end, I advise everyone to be cautious, don't take it for granted.


ETH is not far from the 5-week line yet, but the weekly-level moving average system basically shows a short position. Although the target has not fallen below the previous low, the BTC's broken position has brought the target pressure to the target. The judgment is basically the same. The individual still looks empty for the target. The individual thinks that the low point of $143.3 before the breakdown is only a matter of time. The target is less likely to follow the independent market, and the probability is to follow the market, even if the target is Taking the independent market, we also need to oscillate in this place to repair the moving average indicator. I personally think that the target will not only rebound but also create a new low. It is recommended that you pay more attention to the variety of BTC and platform currency, one is popular, one has potential performance support, of course, it is only my personal opinion, pay attention to risk.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!