Viewpoint | Is the exchange the only way out for the project?

PGS is on the line of Matcha Exchange, and the price has risen 63 times. It has become a project of earning enough eyeballs after the resonance of the VDS. The team claims to be "not doing things, only pulling the plate." As it turns out, he really did. The K-line, which has risen for 31 days, continues to tease investors' eyes. However, the price collapsed overnight and once fell more than 50%. From the shouting list in the WeChat group, it gradually became the list of the amount of loss for the victim's rights protection.

PGS is on fire, and the Matcha Exchange has once again become a model that small exchanges want to be. Play mode, go to the fund disk, and even more, directly think that "it is the opportunity for the air currency to pull the disk." Some people laughed and said that now go to the meeting, 9 out of 10 are exchanges, and the remaining one is Fang, shivering.

In the past, we always said that only the air project did not dare to go to the exchange. But is the current exchange, useful? Some people have always asked, Lava's progress has clearly gone very far, why is it not going to the exchange? With this opportunity, let me explain it to you.

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First, the initial line of the main online line, the chip concentration

Lava's maximum output ceiling is 332.8 million, of which 25% of the technical team is pre-excavated; Lava Foundation's long-term reserve fund accounts for 3%, and community development start-up funds account for 2% of pre-excavation, which will be used for market promotion, community Operations, event operations, etc. The remaining 93% of the token will be used for miners mining.

Since Lava's main network was launched at the end of August, the circulation was relatively small. At present, the LV circulation in the market is about 10 million, accounting for less than 5% of the total circulation. The scarcity of liquidity and the concentration of chips mean that prices can easily be pushed up. Capital will continue to rise as long as the capital is put into the market, and will be pulled by willfulness, and vice versa.

When the current project is not yet mature, it will be put on the market, letting the capital arbitrarily pull, which is not what Lava wants. Lava believes that only the current focus on the project, let more people understand PoC, more people hold LV, to protect the interests of miners and holders as the first essential, to avoid the situation of strong Zhuang control.

Second, the currency environment is bad

In the first two days, the CWT incident was full of enthusiasm. The BIKI exchange, which claims to have 10w+ daily quality user community, received 354 ETH's on-coin fees (originally 20 BTC), and finally “500”. The event of 10,000 CWT delivery was only sent out to less than 30,000 yuan, accounting for only 0.58% of the original reserve award. Only 19 BIKI users participated, including 4 members of the CWT community.

Some projects want to get more attention from investors, and hope to bring more supporters through the reputation of the exchange. They are trying their best to get the money, but they just marry the deal. The market is in a downturn and technology is still slowly developing. Nowadays, the most popular in the currency circle is the game of model currency and fund disk. On the contrary, the excellent blockchain project, the low-key team that dive on the technology, has not received the attention it deserves.

The Lava team believes that a bear market is a good time to breed a giant. Despite being deeply exposed to such a fragile market environment, Lava is still convinced that only value itself can bring about price increases. The so-called exchanges bring endorsements, traffic, or if there is no good project as a support, but it is a short-lived. And Lava is waiting for a good time.

Third, ecological sustainability

The Lava project team knows that the exchange is not without merit. First of all, you can increase the popularity of Lava and let more people realize Lava. Secondly, you can increase the liquidity of LV (Lava's token), and the transaction volume will increase. Finally, the price may rise and may rise. less. In the face of so many online temptations, the Lava project team believes that when the project has not yet reached the online exchange, it is most important to insist on doing a good job, and it will only be worth the loss.

From an ecological point of view, Lava hopes to set aside more time for the miners to participate in mining. Lava has always been doing valuable things, and is committed to building a decentralized, "rooted trust" and "top-level index" based on the global generalized storage space based on the PoC consensus mechanism. Level Indexing)".

Lava wants to consolidate the global storage space consensus by implementing the PoC consensus mechanism and become the root of a centralized storage ecosystem trust. The accumulated trust value is then fed back to the trust infrastructure that builds decentralized storage applications and services.

Lava's ecology is inseparable from the participation of many PoC co-builders. Lava has also been maintaining the interests of co-constructors who have joined the ecology. From the above, why not go online, you can see it.