The weight of the Litecoin has dropped sharply since the halving of the currency. The decline in the price of the coin has caused the mainstream miner to reach the shutdown price.

Babbitt News, at present, mining is still in the flood season, the electricity bill is calculated at 0.35 yuan, the mainstream L3 series mining machine has reached the shutdown price, and all the remaining mining machines, electricity costs accounted for more than 70%. Only three mining machines are safe, the best performance is the core A6+, but its daily net income is only 5.89 yuan. According to miners' analysis, the main contributor to the Litecoin computing power is the L3 series of mining machines, which accounts for about 70%. In other words, these machines must be shut down theoretically, then the Litecoin computing power will be reduced by 70%. The currency price assumption continues to fall, and the calculation of Litecoin will be further reduced. The data shows that since the Litecoin halved, its computing power has dropped by 45% from its high point. The current Wright currency is 218.383TH/s. Chen Nan, sales director of Jianan Zhizhi said in an interview: "The dry season is coming soon. The large-volume small computing machine will temporarily shut down due to the lack of proper mine custody. The currency price will decrease in sideways, and the calculation will decrease in a short period of time. Although there are new machines shipped, the actual shipments can't offset the loss of the power of a large number of shutdowns, so the calculation will not skyrocket before the end of the year. But the calculation is ultimately linked to the rise in the price of the currency, depending on the price of the currency. The whole line of the Litecoin mining machine is close to the warning line because the Litecoin lacks a new and upgraded new mining machine.