BiClub completed OTC automated testing, adding 210 new acceptors

In the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, the BiClub team has completed a key step in the OTC automated trading – the functional test of automatic payment. At this point, BiClub’s OTC platform can support the full automation of the acceptor, including automatic collection and withdrawal of coins and automatic collection. Coin lending. It is reported that this feature will be the first to support AliPay, BOC and POSB merchants. The completion of this function logically verifies the feasibility of the OTC mining machine, from which the OTC acceptor can achieve batch and scale operations. Affected by the news, today's BiClub's OTC platform has 210 new acceptors, and its total acceptance amount can reach 200 million US dollars per day. BiClub (, WeChat biclubcom) is a digital currency financial services organization that integrates mines, exchanges and OTC acceptance payment platforms for cross-border trade, cross-border entertainment, DeFi applications, Dapps, and exchanges. The output is based on digital currency-based payment, clearing and liquidity capabilities, and is currently actively recruiting OTC acceptors and actively collaborating with merchants in the above-mentioned scenarios. The picture below shows the BiClub ecosystem: