BiClub realizes full automation of OTC platform and helps build a large-scale digital asset financial service system

In the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, BiClub ( , WeChat biclubcom) team has completed a key step in the OTC automated trading – functional testing of automatic payment.

At this point, BiClub's OTC platform has been able to support the full automation of the acceptor, including automatic collection of money and automatic coin collection. It is reported that this feature will be the first to support AliPay, BOC and POSB merchants.

The completion of this function complements the BiClub digital currency financial services ecosystem, and logically verifies the feasibility of the OTC mining machine. From then on, the OTC acceptor can bid farewell to the difficult time of 7*24 hours 1 person 1 account. Batch and scale, OTC acceptors no longer have to "sell the heart of selling white powder, earning money to sell cabbage".

Affected by the news, today's BiClub's OTC platform has 210 new acceptors, and its total acceptance amount can reach 200 million US dollars per day.

According to BiClub founder Simon: BiClub's full name is Blockchain Investors Club, a digital currency financial services organization that integrates mines, exchanges and OTC acceptance payment platforms . The team was established in 2016 and has participated in the development of several public chains and exchanges. It is felt that there have been many strange phenomena in the industry in recent years. In particular, the phenomenon of exchange-invested and hurting blockchain investors in the exchange has intensified. BiClub hopes to be a district. The blockchain industry spreads more positive energy. When the various public chains are difficult to land, the application of digital currency will first land, so that the personal digital assets will truly generate value.

Based on this, the BiClub technical team has made unremitting efforts to build a stable OTC acceptance and clearing settlement platform. The back-end completes the acceptor system through automation and effective AML risk control. The front-end can be applied to cross-border trade, cross-border entertainment and DeFi applications. , Dapps, exchanges and other output based on digital currency payments, asset custody, clearing and liquidity capabilities.

The picture below shows the BiClub ecosystem:


BiClub is currently recruiting a team of acceptors from all over the world. It also welcomes floor-to-ceiling merchants who need cross-border financial services or digital currency settlement. BiClub will provide stable technical services and interface docking.