betBEB received a strategic investment of approximately 11 million RMB from Epro Group

Recently, betBEB has invested 9138 ETHs (equivalent to RMB 11 million) than the Epro Group. This time, the Epro Group will invest in betBEB strategically. Both parties will also play their own advantages, promote each other, cooperate and develop together, and seek together the blocks. The broad development prospects in the field of chain payment, I believe that betBEB will have a higher investment and lead the industry! betBEB is also a blockchain mining intelligence contract, margin system, support imtoken international universal wallet, etc. Import of all Ethereum wallets. Finally, betBEB also has a point worthy of attracting investors, that is, the smart contract source code is completely open and accepts supervision from the whole network. After purchasing the mining machine, the user joins the cloud mine and then earns ETH daily. The ETH-V5 mining machine earns 0.75 ETH per day, and the smart contract withdraws 15 to 30 seconds. If the user is not satisfied within 30 days after purchasing the mining machine, he will refund the operation at any time for 1 minute.