Beyond the original chain CEO: Bystack a main multi-sided architecture for data privacy

On October 25th, how Amazon's AWS cloud enabled the rapid development of the blockchain industry was held in Hangzhou. Compared with the original chain CEO, the activity said that at present, after paying for the face, fingerprints, etc., the data will remain in a certain device, and no one can guarantee that the device will leak information. Blockchain is the best privacy protection and the industry's most concerned about privacy. Compared with the original chain Bystack, the main multi-side architecture can solve the problem of how to use the value of the public chain in the blockchain world, and at the same time let the data not be known. "Multi-side, you can let the data stay in your own ecosystem, then, the transaction is in the chain, the transaction data is not known, it solves the data privacy problem between different chains and different businesses." In addition, Lang Yu believes that DID's data standards organization has been added to the original chain, and is committed to launching a decentralized identity authentication system. It is also a sword for data privacy protection.