ChainNode chain node officially launched the "direct employment" section to help blockchain talent recruitment

On the afternoon of October 25th, ChainNode chain node (formerly Babbitt Forum) announced the official launch of the “direct employment” section. The “direct employment” section focuses on blockchain recruitment and talent hunting, whether it is blockchain enterprise recruitment or blockchain. Talents looking for work can release the blockchain recruitment dynamics in real time, facilitating the exchange of blockchain enterprises and blockchain talents.
The chain node chain CEO Qu Zhaoxiang said that the scarcity of talents has always been an important constraint for the development of the blockchain industry, so we decided to open a "direct employment" section in the community, which is an open job-seeking information publishing platform to help the industry more Easily recruit the right people. This is highly consistent with the mission of the chain node "connecting blockchain people", so the team completed all the work from the preparation to the official announcement in 2 hours, hoping to do a little work for the healthy development of the industry.
It is understood that there are currently well-known blockchain enterprises such as Slow Fog Safety, Chengdu Chain Security, Beijing Chain Security, NEO, imToken, Gongxinbao, 哔哔News, Top Network, Jianan Zhizhi and Slife.
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