BigONE digital asset angel platform AngelONE first phase project CryptoGalaxy online

Today, BigONE, the digital asset angel platform of BigONE, announced that the first phase of the project CryptoGalaxy was officially launched. The project has an efficient team from many countries around the world. At present, the game products and content platform have been developed and put into operation, and a large number of users in 128 countries and regions have achieved profitability. The total amount of project token GOLD is 21 million. The subscription time for this angel round is 18:00 from October 31st to November 7th, Beijing time. The soft top is 500,000 USDT and the hard top is 1 million USDT. The currency exchange ratio is 1USDT=1GOLD. The leading investment institution is FEEL FREE FUND, and the investment institutions include Nova Club, Haru Capital, YAK FOUNDATION, and users who meet the conditions can participate. After the sale is completed, GOLD will launch BigONE within 72 hours.