Data: The proportion of BTC market value continued to decline, and the time of export was delayed.

TokenGazer data analysis shows that as of 18:00 on October 25, BTC price is $7447.28, the market value is $134,322.53M; BTC trading volume has not maintained yesterday's level, the mainstream exchange 24H BTC trading volume is about $243.22M, which is shrinking by 65.11 yesterday. %; BTC active address number remained stable, the transaction volume on the chain decreased significantly. After the price of BTC fluctuated, it may approach the shutdown price of some mines. The time of the block was extended, about 11.8min, and the market value of BTC continued to decline. At present, it is about 65.53%; BTC 30-day ROI has a certain rebound; in futures, before the delivery on Friday afternoon, the position of the bitcoin contract of the fire currency decreased, and the positions of OKEx and BitMEX increased. The ratio of OKEx long and short positions is between 1.34-1.47, and the ratio of short positions is rising. The price of the Bitcoin quarterly contract is still lower than that of the spot, but the spread between the two is narrower. On the exchange side, the intraday BTC/USD Coinbase maintains a negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex. The premium range and premium level are enlarged compared with yesterday.