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Xu Yiji, founder of Nebulas & Neite (NEO), former head of the Ant Ant Jin block block chain platform, former member of the Google Anti-Cheat Team, and Bachelor of Computer Science from Tongji University. Processed with VSCO with h6 preset

Valueless alliance chain

Xu Yiji does not feel that he is smarter than others, and he does not like to be called "big brother". He said that he is only lucky than many people. He met Bitcoin when he failed in business and had no direction. He took the time to study it. There is everything today.

After graduating from Tongji University, Xu Yiji worked at Microsoft (Shanghai) and worked as an operating system. Joined Goole (Beijing) in 2004 as a search engine. In 2008, I returned to Shanghai to start a business and do cross-border e-commerce. When the company was shut down in 2012, the business failed.

“I am more fortunate than others. Many people are too busy when they encounter Bitcoin in 2012-2013. They don’t have time to study it, or they just think it’s a scam. But I was looking for the next direction at that time, I I have a lot of time to study it. From this, I also entered a new world, a cryptographic, cryptocurrency, geek world. I also met a group of like-minded people online, but at that time everyone only liked online. I chatted and never said anything online. I was the first person to participate in the Beijing Garage Coffee Bitcoin Party. After returning to Shanghai from Beijing, I worked with Da Hongfei and others to be the earliest Bitcoin technology community in China (Bit Venture Camp). I made the first summit of this industry and met many old friends, including Changchun and Li Lin."

At that time, everyone was sitting more and talking about it. There was not much result in the commercialization of blockchain technology. Xu Yiji is thinking about bringing blockchain technology out to more people and making significant progress in commercialization. With such thinking, Xu Yiji excitedly joined Ant Financial in early 2016 as the head of the ant Jinfu blockchain platform.

“Because there are many users of ants and many business scenarios, I think this is an opportunity to finally commercialize the blockchain. But then the blockchain is not used in the core business of Ant Financial, it is just a Auxiliary tools. In addition, Ant Financial is a chain of alliances, which can not achieve the true value of blockchain. In the world of blockchain, everyone is fair, algorithms are open and transparent, based on mathematics. Unprivileged trust. The alliance chain is a privilege-based trust and does not represent the future of the blockchain."

Xu Yiji continued to add that everyone trusts Ant Financial because it trusts the brand of Ant Financial, rather than trusting the blockchain. A large company that is a coalition chain has its own strategic intent, and many real innovations are subject to various considerations such as compliance and corporate strategy. This is the reason why I finally chose to leave the Ant Financial. If I am going to join the Ant Financial with the attitude of proving the value of the blockchain, then if I don’t think it can fully prove the value of the blockchain, I have nothing. Nostalgia.

So, what does Xu Yiji think of the blockchain value?

First, the value of data is the right to confirm data. The value of data has yet to be explored. The nebula chain tried to dig into the value of this data. On April 15th, Go Nebulas, according to Xu Yiji, this will really tap the value of the data.

The second is the value of collaboration, and the blockchain will bring a new collaboration paradigm. For example, our company is now a top-down organizational structure, but the real blockchain brings us bottom-up. Everyone will get together because of their interest, and together with resources to do one thing, it has changed from a company paradigm to a community paradigm.

What kind of opinion does Xu Yiji hold on the blockchain of the giants?

"Decision is not a new Taobao, it must be a new form, a subversive innovation, such as a lot of fight. I am not optimistic about the giants to do the alliance chain, because the giants have a lot of anti-invasiveness, they will refer to the previous success Business thinking, this often becomes a burden. This is where the opportunity of small and medium-sized startups, the opportunity to do things that others dare not do, have not thought of. In the blockchain industry, everyone is now in a Starting on the basic line." WechatIMG344

Uninteresting blockchain

The blockchain must be interesting before it can be useful, and finally it will be effective. Xu Yiji believes that the industry is still stuck in the interesting stage and has not found interesting breakthrough points.

"Some of the phenomena are very confusing now. Many people think that using blockchain is to speculate on coins. Everyone only cares about the price of the currency. If everyone cares about it forever, the blockchain cannot develop into an infrastructure like the Internet. It may only become a blockchain finance, or a financial blockchain."

"The blockchain is the next generation of the Internet. The essence of the Internet is to solve the problem of data connection. The nature of the blockchain is to solve the problem of data determination. The data is guaranteed by mathematics and cryptography to ensure that your data and assets are yours. The blockchain can achieve data validation on the Internet and enable stimulating interactions. But so far, we have not found some motivation to let people really use the blockchain."

In 1998, the Internet was just started. People used the 33.6K MODEM dial-up connection network. After connecting to the Internet, whether it is a military flag or a QQ chat, it would be very novel and very interesting. In fact, only this kind of motivation will enable us to use the Internet. Of course, the software and hardware of the Internet itself are also being upgraded very quickly. Now the infrastructure has basically completed the last mile, and every family has broadband. The use of the Internet is an interesting, useful, and lasting change.

"The current blockchain is not interesting enough for the public, so there are not many people to use it. It is impossible for no one to use the blockchain to get better and better." Xu Yiji said.

“I hope to have a passionate, responsible or hopeful breakthrough in this industry. We should work together to make the blockchain interesting. This fun does not necessarily come from the price of your currency, how much your community users care about you, These concerns are temporary. They care because they bought your coins, so this can't really be called community users. We don't have many community users right now, we only have token holders, they also Did not become a token user (a user of the currency), that is, the person who actually uses this system."

"From the token holder to the token user, it means that you have an stimulating interaction on the blockchain, then you will definitely use the token, which in some way means that you are actually using the blockchain. I also expressed my concern, because the industry has not solved the interesting problems now, and it is actually the final question to talk about effective issues every day." WechatIMG340

The past is very warm, the reality is very skinny, and the future is very much looking forward to

Xu Yiji said: The past is very warm, the reality is very skinny, and the future is very much looking forward to.

“From 2013 to 2014, we had some event gatherings. The people who participated were very late to leave. At that time, everyone was very enthusiastic because we tried to make this industry interesting and tried to find interesting people around us. Now everyone is not trying to find interesting people, but trying to find out who can buy my coins."

“I remember the first time that Changchun participated in our Bitcoin Venture Camp. At that time, he just started his business in Hangzhou. It was also his first time to participate in community activities. The event started at 2pm, but Changyi and us were separated. At four o'clock in the morning, we felt that there was still a lot to talk about after the event, and went to eat the mutton hot pot. After four in the morning, he returned to the pudding hotel next to it. At that time, we didn't have much money, nothing. Too much attention to it is that this thing is very fun and interesting. The believers in this industry are all coming from a very bitter day, when they are eating gimmicks, and now they are. Changchun is a very favorite one. People, he is very determined and persistent, can do things well in this industry, serve the industry, and earn money."

“People who love the blockchain industry have always hoped that this industry will develop healthily, not over-developed. Once over-developed, it will easily fall off the cliff. When the bubble is punctured, many people will leave the industry sadly, so we I hope that this industry will develop step by step."

Really very skinny, Xu Yiji said that bone feeling means that there are challenges and opportunities, there are ambiguities and embarrassment, but to see a direction, we must go forward. The future can be expected. This expectation comes from what we can change for the future, but also from the emergence of new technologies and new forces.

Xu Yiji does not like the term "big brother". He hopes that he can become the "master" of this industry, that is, he can truly define some events happening in this industry and can lead everyone to see a better future.

For Bitcoin, Bitcoin has the grace of knowing. He often speaks of Kennedy's famous saying: Ask not what blockchain can do for you, Ask what you can do for blockchain.

Can be interpreted as: When you don't ask for the blockchain to give you when, you are not confused by the price of the currency, can focus more on doing valuable things; when you do not ask the blockchain can bring you when, you It will establish deep links with this industry. You will become part of the industry, the industry will cry when you cry, and the industry will laugh when you laugh.

Text | Jia Xiaobe

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