Bitfinex officially responds to the arrest of Crypto Capital's president, claiming to be a victim of fraud

Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, president of Crypto Capital, was previously arrested by the Polish authorities for allegedly joining the international drug group and suspected of using Bitfinex for money laundering. In response, Bitfinex officially stated that Crypto Capital has been processing certain funds for Bitfinex and on behalf of Bitfinex for several years. During this time, Bitfinex relied on various system representations from Crypto Capital, but it turned out that these statements were wrong. In these false statements, Crypto Capital often refers to its professional banking knowledge and sound compliance licenses. Bitfinex is a victim of fraud and is clearing its position to the relevant authorities, including Poland and the United States. Any statement that Crypto Capital is laundering money or obtaining any other illegal funds at the request of Bitfinex or its customers is absolutely wrong. This event does not affect Bitfinex's funding in Poland or anywhere else. Bitfinex will continue to work to recover all funds for stakeholders and their representatives. Note: Bitfinex allegedly entrusted $850 million to Crypto Capital, but the exchange later stated that it could not be obtained. To make up for the $850 million in losses, the exchange carried out $1 billion in token sales in May.