Jiang Zhuoer: As the localities learn to implement the central spirit, blockchain news is expected to continue to be screened.

Wright Co., Ltd. Jiang Zall Weibo published "This is the highest level report in the history of the blockchain, no one", the article pointed out: 1. This specification far exceeds the CCTV report and QQ pop-up that detonated the bull market in 2013. Greatly hosted + collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee + 5 minutes before the news broadcast, the meaning does not need to be said, and as the localities learn to implement the central spirit, it can be expected that the blockchain news will continue to be screened;
2. It is interesting to see the news together. It can be expected that China and the United States will compete directly in the blockage of the French currency block. Libra will touch the most important part of the national economy, the currency, and it will encounter strong resistance;
3. Sino-US competition in the blockchain of French currency. China’s blockchain in the French currency (digital renminbi) has already taken the lead. There are already many news reports being tested. The digital dollar is blank. The only competitor is the private currency Libra;
4. The expansion of the digital renminbi. Through the digital renminbi, China will be able to accept the renminbi’s coinage rights in other countries and integrate the entire Belt and Road into the Chinese economic circle;
5. A large wave of traffic is coming soon. The government has educated the public to form a consensus that will promote bitcoin learning. Blockchain French currency only makes circulation more convenient, and does not solve the problem of inflation depreciation. Bitcoin still has a great competitive advantage against French currency. The public is likely to pay in digital currency and store it in bitcoin.