Meng Yan, Associate Dean of the Institute of Digital Assets: China is likely to be the leader in the global digital economy revolution

On October 26th, Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Institute of Digital Assets, commented that the first is very exciting and exciting. This is a day to change the industry and change the world. Now we are very confident that under President Xi’s tone, China is likely to become the leader in the global digital economy. Secondly, to objectively estimate the situation, we are in fact in a digital economic arms race, both to fully estimate its challenges and to have full confidence. Like the space race and the Star Wars plan in the era of digital economy, Libra is eagerly awaiting that China can take advantage of the system, talents and technology to actively fight, and believes that such competition, although it will be fierce, will ultimately greatly promote China. And the level of digital economic development in the world, launch a new engine of economic growth, and let the people live a happier life. But at the same time, don't underestimate the difficulty and challenge of this matter. Third, the more flowers and the thunderous applause, the more calm you should be. Fourth, this time we have confidence, whether it is technical or ideological and theoretical systems, whether it is infrastructure construction or application practice, we have the ability to build a world-leading team with foreigners and mountains. A large number of world-class scientists, entrepreneurs and scholars. Of course, I believe that all of this must be carried out on the premise of full opening up. Openness is a necessary condition for high levels of competition.