The central government has adjusted the development direction of the blockchain, and 23 representatives of government, industry, research and research enterprises said the first time.

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Mutual chain pulse: According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 25th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the status quo and trend of blockchain technology development on the afternoon of October 24. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. We must take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase investment, focus on a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

On the evening of October 25th, the inter-chain pulse interviewed practitioners in the blockchain fields such as enterprises, consulting organizations, industry associations, and university scholars to listen to their feelings. (Thanks to the China Blockchain Application Research Center for supporting this writing activity)

Wei Yingning, Consultant of China Blockchain Application Research Center and Vice Chairman of the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission: Chairman Xi’s directive on the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving synergy efficiency, and building a credible system is very important. . The insurance industry uses blockchain technology to monitor risk status and record policy status in real time, thereby building trust between insurance companies and policyholders, enabling insurers to cover a wider range of risks, eliminate false claims, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. . In the past few years, the insurance industry has carried out some explorations in the application of blockchain. The insurance industry also needs to increase its investment to overcome key core technologies.

Su Shi, Vice Chairman of the Loudi City People's Political Consultative Conference: I read the news report and was encouraged by the practice of intervening in the blockchain earlier. I was very excited. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech is far-sighted and stands at the height of the rapid development of the digital economic information network in the new era, pointing out the direction of the development of China’s blockchain. I feel that General Secretary Xi has made a profound exposition in four aspects: First, it is necessary to strengthen the research on blockchain standardization, enhance the right of international discourse and rulemaking; strengthen the research of the underlying technology, and achieve independent innovation and control. The second is to build a blockchain industry ecology, accelerate the deep integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge information technologies, and promote integrated innovation and integration applications. The third is to explore the application of “blockchain+” in the areas of people's livelihood and government affairs, deepen the reform of the management of the tube, and create a good business and business environment for the benefit of the people. Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen the research and analysis of blockchain security risks, explore the establishment of a security system that adapts to the blockchain technology mechanism, guide and promote blockchain developers and platform operators to strengthen industry self-discipline and implement security responsibilities, and ensure the zone. The blockchain is in an orderly and healthy development. As a pioneering bottom, it is necessary to learn from the general secretary's speech to promote the development of the blockchain industry and realize the ambitious goal of the new smart city chain city.

Entrepreneur representative:

Wang Jiaping, technical partner of AI Engineering Institute of Innovation Workshop: Blockchain, like mobile payment, will be another transcendence and lead in China.

Yunxiang blockchain CEO Huang Butian: It is a strong agent for the industry, especially in the core technology of blockchain, application landing, industry standards, etc., which will greatly promote the development of China's blockchain industry and promote China to lead the world. The development of the blockchain industry.

Zhining Wanyuan CEO Dong Ning: Mr. Xi’s speech coincided with the moment and brought encouragement to the development of the industry. At this point in time, the speech was made because the blockchain had a period of money in the past. The fire of the coin did not mean that the blockchain technology developed well. Instead, it caused a mixed industry and brought certain risks to the society. After the exposure of the currency market risk, some people left the market, but the blockchain practitioners who insisted on doing technology and serving the real economy developed and produced many landing applications. Therefore, at this point in time, the noise of the currency market is small, and General Secretary Xi’s speech is more helpful to promote the development of blockchain technology and applications.

Chairman of Taiyi Yun and Executive Director of China Blockchain Application Research Center Deng Di: Secretary General Xi’s speech has clearly pointed out that China’s economy is responding to the current international challenges and further transforming and upgrading. That is to fully embrace the digital economy and develop independent innovation. To establish international standards, the blockchain will become the infrastructure and driving engine for the national digital economy. As a practitioner in the blockchain industry, we are fortunate to be born in this great era, and we hope to have the opportunity to contribute our own strength and serve the great cause of national rejuvenation!

Tian En Technology President Deng Enyan: Since the establishment of the digital society and blockchain laboratory in Beihang in 2015, I have always believed that I will wait until today. Tiande does not participate in the short-sighted blockchain hype, but focuses on the blockchain bottom technology, blockchain financial technology and blockchain supervision technology, and publishes the blockchain Chinese Dream series. However, it is still not understood by many people. Someone said a week ago on Saturday, "The big leader hates the blockchain when he hears it." The voice of General Secretary Xi’s today is to be seen and heard. Although our first consensus is from the UK. In January 2016, the UK upgraded distributed ledger technology to a national strategy. But it is not too late! China supports the development of blockchain technology at the national level, and it is true that China's blockchain technology can still be overtaken in many aspects.

Conflux co-founder and COO Zhang Yuanjie: In the case of mixed industry players and dragons and snakes , laying down all stereotypes, devoting themselves to blockchain technology that is beneficial to the country and loyal to their academic research interests, is far from saying that they are suffering, but have already gone. At the forefront of the times, I planted hope for the future.

Min Zhongrui, founder and CEO of VERASTI in China's blockchain application research: As President Xi said, blockchain technology is an important technology for building a digital economy, and the decentralized thinking brought about by it will become very important in the future. Economic organization governance structure. For financial institutions and financial technology service providers, it is necessary to speed up the research and development of blockchain basic technologies, and build a financial-grade blockchain platform that can be put on the ground, especially the ability of the alliance chain technology to reach the current stage. Combining alliance chain technology with cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and Internet of Things, can realize trusted computing under private data, applied in supply chain finance, central bank digital currency payment, cross-border payment, personal and corporate In important financial services such as data risk control.

Industry Association Representative:

Wenna, Secretary-General of the Central Asia Association Block Chain Committee: I am very excited. Today is a historical node of China and long live the great motherland.

China will vigorously promote the global development of the blockchain industry. With blockchain technology, many industries in China have the opportunity to overtake.

Wang Wei, Executive Chairman of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association: News Network, People's Daily, and Xinhua News Agency are all spreading the blockchain. This is the first time in the past years that the location of the blockchain has been determined from the perspective of the country's highest strategy. What followed was the large-scale application of technology, and the establishment of a large number of blockchain companies meant that the blockchain was transformed from a virtual to a real one. The bursting of the bubble ushered in a solid blockchain technology. revolution.

Ye Jian, Secretary General of China Blockchain Application Research Center:

1. Such central leadership learning is generally prepared for six months to three months, according to time, the starting point should be libra white paper stimulation.

2. China does not mention digital currency, but mentions digital assets and the digital economy. The latter two are new concepts, and the connotation is uncertain, because Bitcoin is a non-illegal digital asset in China. The mood of the digital currency market will have an impact, but the real impact is still technology development and application.

3. Don't overestimate the impact of industry policies on the development of the industry. The case of new energy vehicles is not happening. The key to the development of the industry is business sustainability. Popularity can support valuation, but it cannot support value.

4. Due to policy suppression, China's blockchain technology has lagged behind the world in the past two years. This time the central government shouted, public discussion of technical and application taboos will be broken, which is conducive to the landing and application of technology, and the positive name and development of the blockchain. .

5. China's encouraged blockchain technology is independent of digital currency, but is still encouraged to be used in the financial industry. The financial industry is still the most mature and most suitable application scenario for blockchain technology.

Representatives of relevant institutions:

Liu Quan, Director of the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Dean of the CCID Block Research Institute: The speech of General Secretary Xi gave a directional indication to the development of the industry. Next, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc. The relevant ministries may introduce special measures for blockchain. It has a positive impact on the development of blockchain.

Wang Wei, chairman of China Finance Museum and consultant of China Blockchain Application Research Center: The central government highly affirms blockchain technology, which is a breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies. The accumulation and breakthrough of Chinese young entrepreneurs in this field has been compared with the global counterparts, and the care and support of relevant Chinese regulatory authorities is also an important driving force. With the support of the leaders of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the China Blockchain Application Research Center has done a lot of work in the promotion, training and application of blockchain technology, and has obtained in the fields of intellectual property certification, corporate credit, environmental protection, financing analysis and risk supervision. A lot of important results can be done more. We look forward to working with more SMEs and government agencies to improve the wide application of blockchain technology in important areas of the future, such as financial security, environmental protection, precision poverty alleviation and inclusive finance.

Secretary-General of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Assets Institute and Executive Editor of the Digital Currency Dictionary He Baohui (pen name Mr. Newton): In general, three happy, three expectations:

1. I am very pleased that the General Secretary has talked about the blockchain in such a large space, but I hope that the scope of the next discussion will go beyond the technology itself. We must realize that the blockchain in the general secretary's mouth is not the same thing as the blockchain understood by practitioners. The general secretary is talking about the "narrow blockchain", which is a technology itself, and the digital currency and the certificate are understood by the public as part of the blockchain industry, that is, "the broad blockchain". The scope of this discussion, so this time the screen is more of a self-proclaimed practitioner.

2. I am very pleased that General Secretary Xi mentioned the collaboration and industry synergy many times, but I hope that the next time I can discuss the certifying incentives behind the collaboration. In addition to the trusted intercommunication of information, collaboration needs to give everyone the power of information connection. The blockchain has been highly concerned to gain the influence of today, more because of BTC, digital gold and large companies such as Facebook and Wal-Mart. And the digital currency promoted by the National Central Bank, these are sensitive, but there is no way to escape and must face it.

3. I am very pleased that General Secretary Xi mentioned the contribution of the blockchain to regulatory technology, but I would like to discuss how to supervise the blockchain itself next time. Emerging technologies break through faster, often lacking the matching of legal and other institutional foundations, and entering a gray area. The application of regulatory technology is government behavior and technical behavior, but how companies come to innovate in the context of compliance is the most anticipated.

Guo Yuhang, Chairman of the Psychological Affairs and Star Joint Venture Committee of China's Blockchain Application Research: The General Secretary's instructions for the future development of the blockchain are inspiring, practical and professional, for the development of the three levels of the blockchain. Clear guidelines, including blockchain basic technology research, industry application, and integration with the digital economy's business incentive model, make the industry's future development direction clearer. The general secretary’s discussion of the background of the blockchain is also a lesson for the core technology of the chip, so we hope that the emerging areas represented by the blockchain technology will not repeat the same mistakes. As a blockchain industry organization, China's blockchain application research center will also seize the opportunity to call on the directors to increase basic technology research and development, strengthen blockchain education and training, and introduce the potential of the blockchain application scenarios to the society, and promote the district as soon as possible. The application of the blockchain to serve the society and the economy.

Ernst & Young Partner Wang Jing: After reading General Secretary Xi’s speech on the blockchain, I have three direct feelings: 1. Just in time; 2. Outstanding integration with the real economy; 3. Conducive to developing China through blockchain technology. Digital economy.

Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Institute of Digital Assets: First of all, very excited and excited. When the news of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech was pushed to my smart watch, I was meeting with several colleagues. After seeing the news, I immediately terminated the meeting and asked a colleague to read the Xinhua News Agency’s report in full. We recognize that this is the day to change the industry and change the world. Chairman Xi stood at the height of strategy and the times, and decided to set the direction for the development of China's blockchain. We have struggled for more than two years in the adversity of this industry. Even in the difficult moments that have been misunderstood, we have not given up and shaken because we believe not only the potential and future of the blockchain, but also the Chinese blockchain. this day. Now we are very confident that under President Xi’s tone, China is likely to become the leader in the global digital economy.

Secondly, we feel that we must objectively estimate the situation we are facing. We are in fact in a digital economic arms race, both to fully estimate its challenges and to have full confidence. After the launch of Libra, I compared Libra to the space race and the Star Wars plan in the digital economy era in some internal exchanges. I am eagerly expecting that China can take advantage of the system, talents and technology, actively fight, and believe in such competition. Although it will be fierce, it will ultimately promote the level of digital economy development in China and the world, launch a new economic growth engine, and make the people live a happier life. I did not think that our country can respond so quickly, which is very exciting. But at the same time, don't underestimate the difficulty and challenge of this matter.

Third, the more flowers and the thunderous applause, the more calm you should be. After the publication of the speech of General Secretary Xi, many people began to recite the scriptures. Actually, some of the comments I saw worried me. I want to remind the whole industry, how difficult is this situation today? If we do not strengthen our study, strengthen self-discipline, and truly understand the national strategy, we will continue to fight along the road that has been proven to be unworkable. I am afraid that this hard-won situation will be played badly. It is our industry that regrets and may crise the overall situation of China's digital economy strategy.

Fourth, this time we have confidence, whether it is technical or ideological and theoretical systems, whether it is infrastructure construction or application practice, we have the ability to build a world-leading team with foreigners and mountains. A large number of world-class scientists, entrepreneurs and scholars. Of course, I believe that all of this must be carried out on the premise of full opening up. Openness is a necessary condition for high levels of competition. I personally hope to work with you to systematically, methodologically, and discipline the theory and practice of blockchain-passenger economy, self-organizing organization, and open finance. Not only has it succeeded in China, but it has also gained world recognition and respect.

College scholars:

Wang Zhicheng, associate professor of finance at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University: I believe that the best application scenario for blockchain is in the field of credit reporting. Blockchain is expected to achieve network governance in the future, rather than managing it through current blocking, deleting, and separation methods. This speech is undoubtedly an important promotion and encouragement to the current downturn in this field. Particular attention should be paid to the two points highlighted by the General Secretary: strengthening research on infrastructure and standards and deep integration of blockchains with the real economy.

Jing Dong Group, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Co-Director of the Joint Laboratory of Blockchain Technology, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences Tang Qiang: I have been researching and promoting blockchain technology since 2014. It is a good thing to upgrade to the top-level design. I look forward to the introduction of specific support policies. Let's work harder together and do solid and hard research.

Professor Zheng Zibin, Director of the Department of Software Engineering, School of Data Science and Computer Science, Sun Yat-Sen University: Mr. Xi’s speech encouraged us to develop a self-controllable blockchain underlying platform to create a good application ecology and avoid being stuck in the blockchain field. In scientific research, we must strengthen the support of blockchain scientific research projects, encourage frontier exploration, and master a batch of independent intellectual property rights.

Dr. Chen Bo, School of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics:

Analysis of Xi’s blockchain speech:

1. Clarify the overall direction of the blockchain to support the development of the real economy, establish the non-financial nature of the blockchain industry, and distinguish it from the central bank's digital monetary policy.

2. Positioning the blockchain as an important infrastructure for the digital economy, and comparing it with artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things, has established its core position of independent innovation.

3. The reorganization of the currency circle will continue to strengthen, clearing the obstacles for the national team admission. The future valuable digital assets will only be bitcoin and central bank digital currency.

Duan Jiang, Director of the China Blockchain Research Center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: General Secretary Xi and the Party Central Committee have truly confirmed their support for the blockchain industry today. This is the biggest encouragement and expectation for the industry. The general secretary Gao Jianjian pointed out the development status and future development trend of the blockchain. We must actively respond to the call of the general secretary. While trying to master the key core technologies, we must let the blockchain technology come into use and empower the real economy. The blockchain technology is visible, tangible, and used to help the high-quality development of the social economy.

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