The data shows that after the release of key news yesterday, there was no immediate large-scale change in the data on the chain.

The monitoring system of Beijing Chain Security Chain found that after the release of key news yesterday, the data on the chain did not immediately undergo a large-scale change. As for the data of Beijing time on October 25th, the transaction volume of the chain was 955506.32BTC, which was lower than the previous day. The number of transactions on the 4.36% chain was 315,132, which was 3.72% higher than the previous day. The number of active addresses on the chain was 362,480. The decrease was 21.62% from the previous day. (We defined the address of the active transaction as the active address.) The number of large transactions on the chain was 1,900. Increased by 13.10% in one day (we defined the transaction with a quota greater than 100BTC as a large transaction). However, entering the early morning of October 26, especially after 2 am, the data on the chain is active and rapidly increasing, from 2 to 3 The time period reached its peak and then fell back. As of 11:00 this morning, the chain transaction volume has exceeded 930,000 BTC, which is close to the 25-day full-day level, while the segment has increased by 94%. The active address and the number of large transactions were active simultaneously, up 15.68% and 17.35% respectively over the same period of the previous day.