Zhejiang Wuzhen Street Technology Co., Ltd. will co-organize the World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen)

Babbitt on October 26th news, Zhejiang Wuzhen Street Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuzhen Street Company) confirmed to participate in the co-organizer of the World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen).
Wuzhen Street Company was established in May 2016 and is a subsidiary of CEC Haikang Group. Relying on the gathering effect of the World Internet Conference and the resource advantages of China Electronics (central enterprise) and China Power Haikang, the company is committed to building a first-class domestic technology exhibition, trading and incubation platform for the Internet of Things and electronic information, and operating the Wuzhen Summit. Internet Application Experience Center, China Electric Power Wuzhen Base, China Electric Power Achievement Transformation (Zhejiang) Center, China Electric Science Innovation Space (Beijing) and other platforms. The company has office and incubation spaces in Wuzhen, Hangzhou and Beijing.

The 2nd World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen), hosted by Babbitt, will be held on November 8-9. Due to the influence of policy, the current registration is hot. The theme of this summit is “Application No Session”, which will play an active role in promoting the application of blockchain technology. BATJ Huawei and other giants, blockchain industry head companies and over 100 heavyweight guests will gather together. Wuzhen, to discuss the development of the industry.

World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen official website (with registration link): https://www.8btc.com/wbc-2019
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