Party building blockchain, "The beginning of the chain" is on the line today

According to the news of the Communist Party of China News, "The Heart on the Chain" was launched today. This product is the Communist Party of China News Network·People's Party Jianyun, the first combination of party building and blockchain technology, so that the majority of party members and cadres in the process of experiencing the new technology of blockchain, in a novel form to let party members retain their initial heart, verify the initial heart, Do not forget the initial heart. This is not only a new attempt of party building work, but also a new scene for the application of blockchain. Party members can record their own "initial heart" through this product, it will be generated into the "beginning" block, which will be permanently retained in the blockchain and cannot be changed. Party members will get a key and have three choices:
1. You can load it into the Time Capsule and open it with the initial key on the annual political birthday (Party Day) or the party's birthday, and check the “beginning heart”;
2, choose to board the initial heart wall, directly open your own "initial heart", let everyone witness together;
3, mailed to the future of yourself, set the mail collection time, no key, will automatically pop up when landing on the People's Party building cloud platform.