Ping An, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong blockchain competition! Ping An Group and Jingdong have the most products for record!

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Yesterday, we wrote the bank blockchain filing product Daquan! , detailed combing all the bank's blockchain filing products. In the afternoon, the leaders emphasized that “the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies.” This article is a good example.

In addition to banks, in the two batches of blockchain information service filing lists issued by the National Network Information Office, the layout of financial technology has also received much attention. According to the statistics of light finance, in the two batches of lists, BATJ, Ping An Group (including its financial technology companies, financial accountants, Lujin, etc.), Xingye Gold, UnionPay, a total of 28 blockchain information products and services for the record, Focus on the underlying platform, enterprise solutions, supply chain finance, and product traceability.

Among them, Ping An Group has the largest number of registered products, reaching 10, and only 5 products are filed by the financial account, and 7 products are listed on the platform of JD. For specific filing products and application areas, please see the list of light financial consolidation:

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First, Jingdong filed 7 product services

In the two batches of filing lists, the main body of the seven products and services of Jingdong involved three subsidiaries (including Beijing Jingdong Yulu, Chain Fangda (Beijing), Beijing Tongbang Zhuoyi Technology), the specific list and The introduction is as follows:

1, the chain sign

This is the trusted document receipt platform built by Jingdong Logistics based on the blockchain. It uses the blockchain distributed ledger technology and digital signature technology to realize the intelligent reconciliation service with KA merchants, shorten the settlement period and improve the capital turnover rate.

2. BDS (Jingdong Cloud Blockchain Data Service)

Based on the blockchain project, the underlying block storage structure is different. It is necessary to parse and organize the data of different projects. Jingdong Cloud has opened up the blockchain data service (BDS) to hope for more developers and communities. You can participate in and access more blockchain projects such as public chain, alliance chain, and private chain.

3. Jingdong Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting and traceability common platform

“Jingdong Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Platform” realizes the traceability and anti-counterfeiting of online and offline retail goods through the alliance chain, and protects the rights of brands and consumers.

4. Jingdong blockchain BaaS platform

JD BaaS provides flexible, easy-to-use and scalable blockchain system management capabilities, seamlessly integrating deployment management of multiple blockchain systems including JD Chain and Fabric, and providing public, private and hybrid clouds to enterprise users. Rapid deployment of the environment.

5, Jingdong Zhiyi Chain Cloud Network

In August 2018, Jingdong established the blockchain exclusive brand Zhiyi chain and launched the Zhishun Chain Blockchain Service Platform (Baas), which has launched two technical products, JD Baas platform and JD Chain engine. At the same time, the enterprise side has launched three application services: anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, medical traceability platform and digital depository platform.

6, blockchain ABS cloud platform

Blockchain ABS standardization solution utilizes blockchain technology to achieve efficient synchronization of multi-node information. The funder can penetrate the underlying assets of ABS through this scheme to realize transparent management of asset pools and ensure stable operation under high ABS concurrency. .

7, JD Chain

JD Chain is a blockchain underlying framework system independently developed by JD. It fully supports flexible national secret algorithms and dynamic expansion of books. Recently, Jingdong Digital has officially released a new version of JD Chain V1.1, the underlying engine of Zhisheng Chain.

Second, Baidu filed 4

1, Baidu blockchain engine BBE

Baidu blockchain engine BBE platform based on Baidu's ABC technology – artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing, blockchain developers can use the Baidu resources to develop DApps, like the development of APP, to help enterprises quickly embrace the block chain.

At present, the system has been applied to many scenarios such as Internet of Things, hazardous chemicals logistics, finance, asset securitization ABS, financial information sharing platform, and consumer finance.

2, the super chain

XuperChain is a superblock chain. It is a blockchain network that supports parallel and sidechains. It is the underlying technology of Baidu's open source and self-developed blockchain. It has in-chain parallel technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, and integrated smart contract. A number of international leading technologies, with global deployment capabilities.

3, totem

"Totem" is Baidu's original image service platform based on blockchain technology, which brings more brand exposure, resource support and copyright services to original photo authors, and maximizes the value of original works by enhancing the benefits of the entire chain.

4, the small full Leitz dog

The Leitz dog is a digital asset blockchain pet launched by Baidu's Xiaoman application blockchain technology.

Third, Ali filed 2

1. Ant blockchain BaaS platform

The ant blockchain BaaS was launched in June 2018. It is an enterprise blockchain platform based on Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial Cloud, targeting the alliance chain. Core features include alliance chain management, certificates and secrets, automated deployment, depository platforms and smart contract platforms, business configuration, and development support. In August 2018, Ant Financial Services announced the opening of the ant BaaS blockchain platform.

2. Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service is an enterprise-level blockchain platform service that supports Hyperledger Fabric, Ant Financial Service Self-developed blockchain technology, and enterprise Ethereum Quorum to build a safer and more stable blockchain environment, simplifying deployment and operation. Develop processes to achieve rapid business chaining.

Fourth, Tencent focuses on corporate services

1. Tencent blockchain

The Tencent blockchain provides an enterprise-class blockchain solution with leading performance, flexible and efficient, fast access, and compliance security based on the self-controllable blockchain infrastructure. At present, the application of the Tencent blockchain application has included the blockchain electronic invoice project “tax chain”, the supply chain financial project “micro-enterprise chain”, the judicial deposit certificate project “to the letter chain” and the city commercial bank draft project.

2. Tencent Cloud TBaa Blockchain Service Platform

Tencent Cloud TBaaS is based on Tencent Cloud, providing financial security-level blockchain infrastructure services for the enterprise market, providing secure, reliable and flexible solutions for the industry through blockchain cloud services.

5. Ping An Group has the most products for record

In addition to Ping An Bank, Ping An Group also has a number of blockchain service filing numbers, including financial technology companies, financial accountants, Lujin, and wallets.

(1) 5 financial accounts

Financial account has successfully applied blockchain technology to the five ecological circles of finance, real estate, automobile, medical and smart cities. The project includes the enterprise chain intelligent supply chain financial platform, ALFA intelligent ABS platform, Hong Kong's first blockchain. Trade platform and so on.

1. Credit chain

Financial account-by-pass innovation and research and development of the credit chain BaaS platform and FiMAX underlying framework, cracking the industry dilemma of throughput and latency, in addition, the self-developed full encryption framework and leading zero-knowledge proof technology can be Under the premise of ensuring the privacy of the participants, the data islands of various industries are broken.

2. Tianjin Port Blockchain Cross-border Trade Platform

This project is the first time that the national ministry has applied blockchain technology to practical projects. The financial accountant actively participated in the project. For the first time, the blockchain technology and the application system of cross-border trade are organically combined to form a cross-border trade blockchain alliance. To build a blockchain platform with traders, financial parties, logistics parties, regulators and other service providers.

3. IFAB Trade Network

The financial account has also established the IFAB trade financing network. The small and medium-sized banks participate in the trade and financial network as the capital chain, and at the same time open up all logistics links, business links, transaction links and payment information.

4. Intelligent blockchain asset management platform

壹 Asset management platform covers product lifecycle management, integrates standard assets and non-standard asset management on the investment side, supports the net value transformation of asset management business, and the platform uses blockchain technology to ensure the underlying asset penetration, through asset tracking and risk Early warning, cash flow and payment forecasting functions to achieve end-to-end credit risk management.

5, 壹 enterprise chain

壹Enterprise chain intelligent supply chain financial platform through the linkage of core enterprises and multi-level upstream and downstream, logistics warehousing, banks and other financial institutions, to achieve multi-level credit penetration of blockchain, redefine core enterprises, downstream financing, full process intelligent risk control, Connect domestic and foreign trade platforms and build cross-regional service alliances.

(2) Lu Jinsuo

1. Land Fund Blockchain

2. Lujin's blockchain

3. Lujin service blockchain

Lujin Holdings has developed and applied the blockchain to a number of operational aspects of the platform, including the use of blockchain technology to assist user identity authentication, and the use of blockchain to trace the source of online loan transactions. Trust and private equity products use blockchain technology. In the field of wealth management, blockchain technology has been used to optimize user identity authentication. In the field of online lending, online loan products with “blockchain certification” are on the line.

(3) Peaceful wallet

Digital prepaid card service on the chain

(4) Ping An Insurance

Pingbao loan blockchain

Sixth, Xingye number of gold

Yitianjian Blockchain Depository Platform

Xingye Jijin applies the blockchain technology innovation to the new generation of “Yi Tianjian” blockchain electronic contract service platform, which can realize the functions of notarization, identifiable after-the-fact, and online certificate-issuing, which will be bank, securities, Institutional users in a wide range of industries, including trust, insurance, and internet finance, provide more efficient solutions.

Seven, UnionPay

Among them, China UnionPay Co., Ltd. applied for digital voucher application filing, and UnionPay International Co., Ltd. applied for the blockchain-based global quick money tracking platform for filing.

1, digital voucher application

2. Block-based global quick money tracking platform

MoneyExpress is a convenient cross-border remittance service provided by UnionPay. It has been opened in 45 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. In order to solve the problem of inconvenient inquiring and poor experience in the traditional cross-border reconciliation process, BOC and China UnionPay jointly launched a real-time query service for global express exchange services based on blockchain technology. You only need to log in to Bank of China Mobile Bank to view your name. The progress of the global exchange transaction of the UnionPay card.