CCTV Quick Review: Taking Blockchain as an Important Breakthrough for Core Technology Independent Innovation

On October 26, CCTV commented that on October 24th, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech clarified the important role of blockchain technology in new technological innovation and industrial transformation, and applied the blockchain technology. And management put forward specific requirements. The important speech of the General Secretary will greatly promote the comprehensive and profound understanding of the status quo and trends of blockchain technology development and the ability to improve the application and management of blockchain technology. In the emerging field of blockchain, China must strive to stay at the forefront of theory, occupy the commanding heights of innovation, and gain new industrial advantages. Following the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, we should focus on technology, market, and talents to achieve "six essentials": we must strengthen basic research and enhance original innovation capabilities; we must promote collaborative research and accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies. Blockchain application development provides safe and controllable technical support; it is necessary to strengthen blockchain standardization research, enhance international discourse rights and rulemaking rights; accelerate industrial development, give play to market advantages, and further open up innovation chain, application chain, and value chain It is necessary to build a blockchain industry ecology, accelerate the deep integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things and other cutting-edge information technologies; strengthen the construction of talent teams and establish and improve personnel training systems.