360 Finance becomes a technical committee to discuss the development of blockchain in the roadmap for the application of financial technology

According to Hexun.com, financial technology company 360 Finance (QFIN.US) recently announced the establishment of a technical committee. In order to seize the technological commanding heights of the new round of industrial upgrading, the committee has strategically planned the innovative application of AI and blockchain in financial technology. Discussion, preliminary development of a roadmap for blockchain in financial technology practice. 360 financial blockchain technology experts said: "360 financial in the financial field of blockchain technology exploration and application, will be combined with 360 Group security technology team and blockchain technology research team basic research, collaborative key technologies, promotion zone Blockchain's technological breakthrough in financial technology applications, combined with its leading AI and risk control technology, to create safe and innovative scene practices, to provide a safe and controllable technical sample for the development of blockchain in the financial industry."