Market Analysis: After breaking through the 10,000 high, can the BTC market continue to make a miracle?

At midday, the BTC trend weakened and the trend entered the adjustment stage. The current trend was around 9600. After the daily trend broke through the Bollinger Band, the price remained above the 60-day moving average. The upside broke not only broke the resistance zone in the previous period. It also further promoted the recent market bullish sentiment. After the attack to the high position, although it suffered from the pressure of the pressure above 10000, the overall trend remained at the high position. Once the pressure on the top weakened, the trend will once again break through. The MACD indicator of the chart continues the momentum of Jinchao to move towards the 0-axis. The follow-up trend is further upward. The STOCH indicator and the RSI indicator will run upwards, and the follow-up trend will enter the long market.

In the BTC hourly chart, the price is running near MA5, the upward kinetic energy is insufficient, and the upper pressure is gradually weakened. The market is relatively sluggish, and the trend will maintain the pace of adjustment. The current trend tries to stabilize at 9600, then when the upper pressure weakens, the bullish momentum Return, the trend stabilized above the MA5, then the follow-up trend will be a breakthrough in the trend, the short-term market sentiment gradually faded, the STOCH indicator intersected at the 50 horizontal line, the RSI indicator remained parallel near the 80 horizontal line, the short cycle, the follow-up It will keep running in a vibrating posture.

Operational recommendations are low and low, the recent BTC strong breakthrough, the overall market sentiment is also biased towards the bull market, the follow-up trend will also be the main attack, then the operation can also focus on the bullish direction, low-level layout, focus on 9000-9400 first line, bargain Can be properly laid out, high position to see the suppression of the position of 9800-10000, if effective breakthrough can see the high resistance area.

ETH today's trend broke through Bollinger's upper track, and was blocked at 200. The current price is suppressed to run below 190, and the trend is still in the middle of the Bollinger Band, and the recent outbreak is relatively strong, then when the trend is closed today When the forest belt is above the middle rail, the follow-up trend will continue to continue the bullish trend. The MACD of the figure shows a golden cross, and the STOCH and RSI maintain an upward attitude, and then they will enter the upward trend.

The operation is mostly single, the short-term trend enters the turbulent rhythm, grasp the low point and follow up in time, pay attention to the 175-180 position below, pay attention to the 190-200 position above.