Zhejiang Province government service platform test water blockchain technology, the total amount of electronic bills for medical charges is over 4 billion

According to Zhejiang News, in June 2019, Zhejiang Province relied on Zhejiang Government Affairs Service Online to line the country's first blockchain electronic bill platform, and tested the water chain block technology in the province's unified mobile government service platform “Zhe Li Office”. To improve the effectiveness of government services. According to the latest data, there are more than 400 medical institutions at all levels in Zhejiang Province including Zhejiang First Hospital, Zhejiang Medical Second Hospital and Run Run Shaw Hospital. The total number of electronic bills for medical charges exceeds 100 million, and the amount exceeds 40. 100 million yuan. Wu Gang, an engineer with Zhejiang Government Service Network, said that as the blockchain is applied to more services, the storage and application of relevant government data will be safer.