Cai Liang, Research Center of Blockchain, Zhejiang University: The focus of China's blockchain technology development is the self-controllable alliance chain

According to Xinhua News, Professor Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, said that the technological development of the western blockchain focuses on the public chain, and the application and industrial development focus is on financial innovation based on public ownership, while the Chinese blockchain The focus of technology development is a self-controllable alliance chain. The focus of application and industry development is how the blockchain serves the industrial economy, government services and social governance. Many experts and industry insiders said that the blockchain technology will have broad application prospects in the related fields of government affairs, finance, and people's livelihood. For example, through blockchain technology, distributed sharing of government data can be realized; for example, leading enterprises in the supply chain can transfer their credit to small and micro enterprises through blockchain, and then partially solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing. . "How to solve the efficiency and security problems of the alliance blockchain, how to solve the data synchronization problem under the chain, how to solve the regulatory problem of the blockchain is an important direction for future development." Cai Liang said that only solve the above problems, The blockchain can really serve our economic and social development.