Chainge Technology Open Day | 4 hours to see the technical direction of 2019

Aside from the "stunning" cryptocurrency price, do you know the extent to which blockchain technology has developed today? Do you know what is behind the 996 model of the "strongest brains" on the surface? And how does the so-called technological revolution in the blockchain affect our lives?

2019 is the starting point for the next decade of blockchain technology, determining where the blockchain will sail.

We have sorted out the hottest and most controversial five technical directions in the blockchain industry in 2019. Their progress will determine the speed of blockchain technology in the future, and the track will also give birth to "heavyweight" players. Understand these key points, you have seized the "doorway" of blockchain technology development.

Brave game, can the blockchain change the Internet?

The Internet 30 years ago was still a new continent. It had no rules and no center. Today, 30 years later, the Internet has changed from a changer to a guardian of established rules and powers, and innovation has grown in the cracks.

It is precisely in 2019 that the blockchain that has gone through ten years is fading away, accelerating commercialization, the traditional industry is actively embracing, and the top 500 global enterprises are highly regulated, and all countries in the world have clearly defined their strategic position. We have stood on the eve of the global industrial transformation.

Even so, people who sneak at the blockchain still regard it as a fantasy, and those who believe in it are unwaveringly carrying forward. The game between the old and the new, the transformation between the information Internet and the value Internet, who can find the key to the future?

Lightning Network: A one-stop solution for Bitcoin performance?

Bitcoin is the most serious factor in performance. Therefore, the lightning network that builds the trading channels under the chain through smart contracts has emerged, which can speed up the confirmation time and reduce transaction costs.

As of March 2019, the number of lightning network nodes has reached 6,300, the channel is about 27,000, and the network capacity is about 657 BTC.

Although the rapid development of Lightning Network has made it possible to see Bitcoin as a payment network, EOS founder BM and others are always reminding the public of a series of problems in the technology, including centralization, asset loss, and reduced asset liquidity. Wait.

Will the lightning network be popular in 2019? Will it work better than Alipay? What are the problems that need to be solved? Under the circumstance of questioning and questioning, 2019 is the key to testing whether the lightning network can become a "one-stop solution" for Bitcoin performance.

Security and privacy: How far are we from the ideal world?

As a distributed ledger technology, security is an essential feature of blockchain. But what is interesting is that security is very similar to the blockchain Achilles' heel, which is the Achilles heel of the entire industry. This includes major challenges such as 51% attacks, as well as the risk of asset theft in exchanges, wallets, DAPPs and smart contracts.

The blockchain always holds high the privacy protection and the data return to the personal banner. The technology of safe multi-party computing and zero-knowledge proof is expected to make data transactions possible. However, the reality is that the technological breakthrough is difficult, and the walls built by the vested interests are impregnable.

In 2019, attack and defense, obstruction and breakthrough, are we one step closer to the world of security and privacy?

Sidechain + Cross-chain: Is the unified blockchain world coming?

Blockchains have a world-wide public chain. The public chains are like isolated islands. They are not connected to each other. Cross-chain technology was born. The performance of the public chain has become the bottleneck of the industry development, and the side chain technology has become the focus.

If the past decade is the bud of the blockchain, the progress and maturity of these two technologies will determine whether the blockchain can enter a period of rapid development.

It is precisely in 2019, the lightning network (side chain) and Polkadot, Cosmos (cross-chain) are on the line, they are undoubtedly accumulating potential for a shocking change. But what other problems have not been solved? How far are we from the world of 10,000-chain interchaining? There may be some eyebrows in 2019.

Dapp, will there be a "super app" with millions of users coming in?

2018 is the year of DApp, and the amount of funds, DAPP, and users have increased exponentially. The number of EOS active users exceeded 110,000, the wave field was about 38,000, and the Ethereum was about 12,000.

But gambling games are unique, disguised ICO floods, smashing wool miners, hacking incidents, and poor user experience have locked DAPP users in a small crowd.

In 2019, with the richness of application content and the lower threshold for participation, can DAPP go to the public?

Chainge Technology Open Day, 4 hours to see the technical direction of 2019

The essence of the blockchain is technology, and the degree of technological development determines the boundaries of the blockchain and the upper limit of the cryptocurrency market value.

In 2019, will there be answers to the above five major problems?

In mid-May, Hangzhou will usher in the first blockchain week in history. On May 17, the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum will open at the Huanglong Hotel in Hangzhou. On May 16, Chainge Technology Open Day will be the first to meet the public.


At that time, including Qu Zhaoxiang (ChainNode CEO, Babbitt partner), Shenyu (founder of Cobo wallet), Wang Chao (bital partner), Xiong Yue (coin letter CMO), Lu Guoning (Nervos co-founder and COO), Dozens of industry technology leaders, senior developers, and experts at home and abroad, such as Wang Ruixi (Chu Fu Wallet CEO), Zhang Yu (Coshen COO), and Cosin (Co-founder of Slow Mist Technology), will discuss the above five topics in detail.

What is the latest progress in technology? Where is the technical difficulty? What is the solution? The five most influential technical issues in 2019 will be solved one by one.

Chainge Technology Open Day, only explore technology, never mix water, use rational to build a feast of hardcore technology, are you ready?


Chainge Technology Open Day is one of the series activities of Hangzhou Blockchain Week, including block wind cycle, including Xiao Feng, Bai Shuo, Li Guoquan, Li Ming, Kong Jianping, Meng Yan, Wei Songxiang, Zhao Dong, Yan, Shuai Chu, Huang Tianwei. Liu Chang, Han Feng, Chang Hao and other blockchain evangelists will gather in Hangzhou.

On May 16th, we will see you in Hangzhou.

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