The blockchain is red! A-share investors throw 460 questions in 2 days

According to the daily economic news, this weekend, the blockchain industry ushered in the spring, and related concept stocks and virtual currencies rose. Last night, the blockchain of the stock market collectively strengthened, and Thunder jumped 107.8%. At the same time, the virtual currency collectively rallied, and Bitcoin skyrocketed nearly $1,000 in 6 hours, once breaking through the $10,000 mark and rising more than 30% in 24 hours. On the A-share investor interaction platform, at least 460 questions were asked about the blockchain in two days. The listed companies were asked to be involved in various industries, including education, agriculture, medicine, and liquor. Numerous investors are asking questions from listed companies on the interactive platform. “Is it involved in the blockchain?” “Will you develop a blockchain?” Among them, many listed companies have given clear responses.