A ladder is needed between the value gaps.

On October 24, 2019, it was a milestone in the progress of human civilization. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee stressed on the afternoon of October 24 that we should use the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. At such an important historical moment, as every practitioner, you should consider what you should do for it.

There are still many links that need to be explored during the blockchain landing process. We focus on how to build the value system of the district cross-chain project and how to build a “ladder”.

I. New technologies, new prospects, new fields

The blockchain has several features that we think are most important, and if used, it will be even more powerful.

1. Changes in production relations

2. Free people have no threshold to join

3. The energy generated by large-scale collaboration between strangers generated by blockchains

4. Trust and other higher-order values ​​contained in human ideology can be pan-monetized

It brings about changes in the underlying logic. The most important thing is the change in production relations. Do you still remember "Xiagang Village"? The change in production relations has brought about earth-shaking changes to this small village, which has also changed the social process of Chinese society. In the same way, especially when China, the world's second economy, fully embraces blockchain technology, it will definitely bring tremendous momentum to human social progress.

Relations of production

Second, the correct application in production and life

The essence of transformation: based on incentives, greater social collaboration, and active participation of community members

Because the digital certificate issued by a blockchain project has caused a psychology of ownership, the token has already made the human resources of some blockchain projects distributed. The chain changes the boundaries of the psychological role. As for whether the person has a legal contractual relationship with the organization, it is not important because a new community of interest mechanisms has been formed.

At the time of landing, at least the following path should be used to experiment:

1. Based on the perspective of the goal, look at the roles and stakeholders in the ecology, and analyze the relationship between the needs, capabilities, resources, and roles of each role.

2, look at these roles, based on the original intention of the design to see where there is incentive opportunities, there is no opportunity for digital voucherization in the place where the transaction occurs

3. How many digital voucher designs are needed? Relationship between asset classes and other classes

4. Transform the mismatch of resources through blockchain transformation to achieve a more optimized ecological claim.

The following figure shows a possible practice route of a white goods manufacturer with the help of blockchain transformation. It introduces the model under the traditional model and blockchain, the changes of the core strategy of the enterprise, etc.

Chain change 1

We feel that this combination of physical assets, industrial appeals, generalization, and everyone's participation model may be effective practice of blockchain landing.

The following picture is a summary

Chain change 2

Third, the ladder

There are a number of issues that need to be addressed during the operation of many blockchain projects:

The project’s claim of rights cannot find the value anchor in real life.

The blockchain can explore the higher-order values ​​of human ideology, such as trust and certainty, so that it can be pan-monetized. This part of the value is valuable and valuable. We have seen some efforts by global developers. Try, for example, time, reputation, etc., can be said to bloom.


However, the value of high-order power such as time priority and attention possession cannot find a value system that can be referenced. Without such consumption consciousness, many people will say that this is an air project; we should realize that the key to the problem is only high-order. There is a ladder between the value of equity and the existing anchor in society!

Therefore, practitioners of the current blockchain landing, in addition to economic models, consensus technology, community governance should also do a new homework:

How to find the value anchor of the existing world and build a ladder!

How to build a ladder? ladder

Definition: Be aware that when people need to make choices, he always compares with what happened before, then we need to connect these high-order rights with something in their minds, step by step. Deduction and guidance, this is a ladder.

For example, if a certain high-level rights and interests are finally guided and promoted to be similar to a certain service in the current society, then its value may be based on the existing social consensus and more acceptable to people, so it is necessary to explore The target in the human brain can be referenced! And this job seems to be ignored by everyone.

The meaning of ladders is actually diverse. It may be to cultivate consumption habits. It may be to find the existing value consensus and make a connection. It may be to constantly inject some kind of proposition to awaken the public. Through the attempt of the ladder, we may shorten the time for the realization of high-order value, promote the landing of the value Internet (web3) as soon as possible, and bring the human society into a new stage of civilization.

Finally, the circle of friends in the chain circle is like the Spring Festival. 10.24 is like the Spring Festival of the blockchain world. It is full of hope. After 10 years of development, the blockchain technology has finally been righted out and reused. !


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