Red Net: It is imperative to cultivate blockchain technical talents

On October 26th, the Red Net published the article "Building a Network Power, Seizing the Commanding Point of Blockchain Development". The article mentioned that the demand for blockchain talents in all walks of life is growing, and it is imperative to cultivate blockchain technical talents. First, universities should increase the training of blockchain technical talents. Incorporate the training of blockchain technical talents into the scope of college education, and carry out the layout from three aspects of technology, teaching and research, and intensify efforts to promote the popularization and application development of blockchain technology. Second, relevant enterprises should focus on cultivating blockchain talents. The number of enterprises engaged in technological innovation and application in the field of blockchain is growing at a high speed. It is necessary to cultivate a group of practical blockchain technical talents through scientific research and innovation of enterprises. The third is to encourage technicians to teach themselves. As blockchain technology is undergoing rapid changes, relevant technical personnel are encouraged to continuously strengthen learning, improve knowledge structure, and adapt to the needs of blockchain technology development.