Tom Lee: With the fluctuation of Bitcoin, the golden rule of Bitcoin's earnings is also playing a role.

According to The Daily Hodl, Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee has highlighted a key indicator that shows how Bitcoin accumulates revenue. Lee and his team found that Bitcoin achieved most of the gains in 10 days of the year; but if you don't hold Bitcoin for the best 10 days of the year, the annual return is -25%. Lee believes that the strategy of maximizing returns is “hodl (long-term holding)” rather than selling investments. Lee said that October 25 (Friday) seems to be one of Bitcoin's "Ten Golden Days". On this day, the price of Bitcoin soared by 30% to a high of just over $10,000, and BTC immediately proceeded. The callback was above $9,100. In addition, he affirmed another key indicator of the bullish bitcoin market: S15% is the best year for Bitcoin. BTC is mainly retail, so it is mainly 'risk-on'. ”