Netizen said that the unknown miner had controlled the BCH 50% of the power

According to Cointelegraph, on October 25th, Twitter user @Notgrubles said that an unknown bitcoin cash (BCH) miner apparently controlled 50% of the token's computing power within 24 hours. This is why "using BCH is a security risk and responsibility", which carries the risk of a 51% computational attack, and it indicates that the BCH should be offline. The miner seems to have dug more than 70 blocks from 10 am on October 24 to 10 am on October 25. Reddit users say that by controlling 50% of BCH computing power, the unknown miners or potential miners are not far from controlling the entire network and doing "evil things." Reddit user Bitmeister said Bitcoin miners are likely to test their otherwise useless BTC computing power by switching to BCH.