CCTV News Public Issues: The "blockchain" that has been frequently named recently is awkward?

Recently there is a word

Frequently appearing on the network,

Seeing this word will make people feel very good.

But often I don't know exactly what it means.

This word is called


Recently, the "blockchain" has been publicly named.


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What is the "blockchain"?

From an academic point of view, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm.

The blockchain is essentially a decentralized database.

Explain this

Many people still don't understand

Then Xiaobian makes a simple metaphor

Assumption environment:

If you have a book in your home, let you book it. In the past, Mom and Dad gave you the salary and let you remember it on the books. In the middle, if you are greedy and want to buy something delicious, there may be less than a dozen records on the ledger. This is just an example. Xiaobian believes that everyone may want to take some money from Mom and Dad’s pocket when they are young.

The solution to the problem with the blockchain:

If you use the whole family to mobilize the account, the above mentioned problems will not be there, because you are keeping accounts, your father is also keeping accounts, your mother is also keeping accounts, they can see the general ledger, you can not change, Mom and Dad can't change, so you can't help if you want to buy a smoked dad and you want to be greedy.

That is, the blockchain

This distributed digital ledger

Recorded all that happened

And a system-approved transaction

Each block is a ledger

It can not only record transaction information

More features

Versatile "blockchain"

Not only can it record every transaction, but it can also be programmed to record almost everything that is valuable to humans: birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, title deeds, degree certificates, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, votes, Food sources and anything else that can be represented by code.

Each block is like a hard disk, all of which is saved and encrypted by cryptography. These saved information cannot be tampered with.

The blockchain system will check all data generated during the test every 10 minutes (such as transaction records and when the block was edited or created, etc.) and store the data in a new block. Connected to the previous block to form a chain . Each block must contain information about the previous block to take effect.

So it seems

Blockchain has some super technical features

Blockchain characteristics

1. Abnormal security : Unlike centralized databases owned by companies or government agencies, blockchains are not controlled by any person or entity, and data is completely replicated (distributed) on multiple computers. Unlike a centralized database, an attacker does not have a single entry point and data security is more secure.

2, can not be modified : once you enter the blockchain, any information can not be changed, even the administrator can not modify this information. Once a thing appears, it can no longer be changed. This attribute is of great significance to the online world that human beings can change and change rapidly.

3. Accessible : All nodes in the network can easily access information.

4. No third party : Because of the decentralization of the blockchain, it can help peer-to-peer transactions, so no matter whether you are trading or exchanging funds, no third-party approval is required. The blockchain itself is a platform.

Future development and application scenarios of blockchain

What is it like?

1, digital identity

Many people will encounter the dilemma of "proving my mother is my mother" when I open various certificates. With the blockchain, I don't have to worry anymore. It turns out that our birth certificate, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, etc. need a central node, so everyone can admit it. Once cross-border, contracts and certificates may fail because of the lack of a global central node. The irreversible nature of blockchain technology has fundamentally changed this situation. Our birth certificates, real estate licenses, and marriage certificates can be notarized in the blockchain and become something that is trusted all over the world. Of course, it can be easily proved. My mom is my mother."

2, health care

Simply put, the blockchain is used to establish a time-stamped general record repository, so that different databases can extract data information. For example, if you go to see a doctor, you don't have to change to a hospital to check it repeatedly, and you don't have to reimburse your doctor's insurance for repeated reimbursement, which can save time and money.

3. Travel consumption

For example, we often use Ctrip, the US group and other apps to find and place orders for hotels and other services, and each platform gets a commission. The application of the blockchain is to remove the middlemen and create a secure and decentralized way for service providers and customers to achieve direct connection and transaction.

4. More convenient transactions

Blockchains make payments and transactions more efficient and convenient. The blockchain platform allows users to create smart contracts that become active when certain conditions are met, which means that automatic payments can be released when both parties agree to meet their conditions.

5, strict quality control

If you buy an apple, under the blockchain technology, you can know the whole process from the production of fruit farmers to the circulation. Among them are government regulatory information, professional testing data, and quality inspection data of enterprises. The smart supply chain will make our daily food and used products safer and more secure.

6. Property rights protection

The art creator puts his work on the blockchain, and someone uses his work and he knows it immediately. The corresponding royalty will also be paid to the creator automatically. Blockchain technology protects copyright and helps creators sell their work to consumers better and more directly, without the assistance of the issuing company.

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