Zhongan Technology CTO: Overcoming the core technical problems of the blockchain, it also means mastering the standard initiative and commanding height of the blockchain.

According to the news report, Li Xuefeng, deputy general manager and chief technology officer of Zhongan Technology, said in an interview that the main direction of the blockchain is clear, that is, the "four essentials": to provide new public services, to improve the level of urban management, Let the production factors flow at high speed in the region, and enhance the synergy and government experience of industry associations. These four directions are a precise guideline that can be further explored according to the industry in which they are or are good at. He pointed out that due to the deep correlation between blockchain and finance, it will also affect the development and stability of the financial system. Therefore, the core technical problems of the blockchain are also overcome, and it also means that the standard initiative and commanding heights of the blockchain are mastered. It can lead the governance standards of the digital financial industry, including but not limited to technical standards, tax standards, disclosure norms, etc., and will also involve the custody, mortgage, auditing, factoring and other ecosystems in the digital finance field.