Beijing News: Blockchain has become a breakthrough in national science and technology strategy and core technology innovation in China, and has a profound realistic foundation.

On October 26, the Beijing News published the article "Promoting the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy." The article mentioned that the blockchain has become a breakthrough in the national science and technology strategy and core technology innovation in China. This choice is not accidental. In addition to the irreplaceable technical importance of the blockchain, there is a deep realistic foundation behind it. First of all, as an emerging frontier technology, the blockchain is in the “no-man's land” and has not yet formed strong technical barriers. For the countries of the world, it is basically at the same starting line. Second, China has a good foundation in the blockchain field. More importantly, the emphasis from the decision-making level, combined with the overall co-ordination advantage, is very likely to enable blockchain technology and applications to break through the existing development bottlenecks and enter a new world in China. At present, China is at the time of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. If the blockchain and the real economy can achieve deep integration, they can be widely applied and applied in the people's livelihood, and can be combined with the construction of new smart cities and government services, which will greatly promote the traditional industries. Upgrade to improve the efficiency of social operations and improve people's livelihood and well-being