CCTV Financial Review: The application of blockchain is not speculative, hope that the speculators can remain calm

On October 26th, CCTV-2 financial channel "CCTV Finance Review" live broadcast theme is "blockchain: What to upgrade? What should I circumvent? 》. Moderator Zhou Yun interviewed Liu Xiaolei, director of Peking University Guanghua School of Management, and Ma Guangyuan, a CCTV financial commentator. Liu Xiaolei pointed out that the development of blockchain can achieve long-term stability. This time, the signal from the Politburo learning is to support the real economy through blockchain technology, rather than short-term speculation. Moreover, the blockchain application we encourage is more to share information and data between institutions, government departments, or enterprises. More is the application of the alliance chain. In fact, it has little to do with Bitcoin. Moreover, on this vent, it is even more important to be wary of companies and individuals who violate the rules and regulations of the blockchain. Later, the host asked Ma Guangyuan whether he agreed with some media to point out that the blockchain and bitcoin springs have arrived. Ma Guangyuan said: 1. The content of the Politburo study emphasizes the revolutionary application of blockchain technology; 2. The application of blockchain is not speculative, hope that the speculators will be calm next Monday; 3. Don’t let the speculative The square cutting of the leek should be based on technology and establish a blockchain industrial policy. In addition, Ma Guangyuan pointed out that the current performance of the central bank in terms of digital currency is remarkable. Finally, the moderator stressed that I hope that everyone will look at the blockchain and various currencies in a long-term perspective.