Regarding the blockchain technology that the country pushes, we have given you five key points.

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The development of the industrial blockchain has ushered in a policy inflection point.

On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the status quo and trends of blockchain technology development. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. It is necessary to use the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase investment, focus on a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

So what are the key points we need to know about the blockchain technology?

First, the core technology of the blockchain


A key point of this collective learning is to overcome a number of key core technologies. It is difficult to attack, but it is related to the lifeblood of the entire industry. The zinc link summarizes the progress of the current technology from the bottom, middle and application levels:

The first is the key underlying technology part . The one we need to focus on is the BFT consensus algorithm, the atomic cross-chain technology and the sub-chain technology. Among them, the BFT consensus algorithm is the focus of many domestic and foreign companies. In foreign countries, the Fabric led by IBM-led Hyperledgerder is mainly based on many alliance chains. In China, BFT consensus algorithm research and development companies and community interesting chain, CITAHub, Jingtong, Thunder, FISCO BCOS.

Secondly, it is the key technology of the middle layer that plays the role of the middle platform . We should pay attention to hash lock and distributed private key control and the key privacy data authorization access technology. Today, the cryptography passed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will use many techniques of this layer in practical use.

Finally , the key technologies of the application layer that the blockchain users are in direct contact with each day , including distributed applications , smart contracts and strong random numbers. From the perspective of the development of the entire blockchain, in addition to the considerable amount of direct users of a few digital currencies such as Bitcoin, there is still a lack of a universal application in other application scenarios, whether it is blockchain games or food traceability. Did not complete this task.

We can see that in the key core technology areas of the blockchain, China actually has a relatively deep technical reserve, but we still have a lot of room for innovation in terms of technical originality and talent reserve. However, in terms of the application layer, based on China's leading product and marketing capabilities in the mobile Internet field, it may be possible to quickly ran a truly universal application.

Second, the standard discourse power dispute


Another key battlefield in the blockchain is the standard voice. The standard dispute is the dispute over the right to speak. The establishment of standards is the process of seizing the market and allocating benefits. Especially in the field of emerging technologies, standards have led the way in technology development and industry. "First-class companies do the standard", therefore, companies hope to put their own patents into the standard, and compete for the right to speak in the industry and the initiative in the market. The Zinc Link has also organized a special salon in Beijing to discuss the topic of China's blockchain standards.

Since 2018, relevant domestic institutions have successively released blockchain logos and standards, and some important standards have been researched in succession. From the perspective of the number of projects under development, blockchain standards are being accelerated.

Internationally, the relevant organizations that formulate blockchain standards mainly include ISO-TC307, IEEE, ITU, W3C, etc. Currently, 11 items initiated by ISO-TC307, 13 items initiated by IEEE, and 7 items initiated by ITU are in the research state. release.

The China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum (led by the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute) proposed in the "White Paper on China's Blockchain Technology and Application Development" released in 2016 that the "blockchain standard system framework" is mainly divided into It is the basis for five basic standards, business and application standards, process and method standards, trusted and interoperable standards, and information security standards.

The following is the standard setting of major institutions at home and abroad for zinc link finishing:

3. Double support for industrial funds and local policies


In recent years, many local governments have supported the development and application of blockchain technology by issuing relevant policies, setting up industrial funds, and creating industrial parks.

Beginning in 2016, the central and local governments have successively issued various policies on the blockchain, including the technical layer, the industrial layer, and the industrial application layer, which have created a good policy environment for blockchain technology and industrial development.

According to the zinc link statistics, as of October 2019, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Shandong, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places have issued blockchain policy guidance information.

The following is a list of local policies and industry funds for zinc link finishing:

Previously, despite the supportive actions of policies and industry funds, many local governments still have a "squeaky attitude" toward this technology. On the one hand, they do not want to take the lead in setting a new industrial layout. On the other hand, they are afraid of too much pace. Go ahead and invest a lot of resources, but bet the wrong direction.

Nowadays, the big environment is clear, and the local industry guidance can also make great strides forward.

Fourth, multi-field application


The collective study of the Central Political Bureau also pointed out several directions for the application of the blockchain. In fact, after years of exploration in the market, the application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields. We can generally apply the blockchain industry. Divided into three major directions: government affairs, people's livelihood, and business.

In the field of government affairs, customs, taxation, justice, and real estate registration are the main landing directions. One of the more famous cases is that several Internet courts in China use blockchain technology to do judicial verification and confirmation.

In the field of people's livelihood, medical health, poverty alleviation, and public welfare are the main landing scenarios.

Xi Jinping also mentioned the application of people's livelihood in yesterday's study: "To explore the use of 'blockchain +' in the field of people's livelihood, and actively promote blockchain technology in education, employment, pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, The application of food safety, public welfare, social assistance and other fields provides the public with more intelligent, more convenient and better public services."

In the business world, supply chain finance, insurance, tourism, logistics, energy, copyright, social, agriculture, smart cities, retail, games, cross-border payments, etc. are all mainstream scenarios.

However, as mentioned above, the application of blockchain in these fields is still at a relatively shallow level. This is because the upgrade of the old system involves a wide range, and on the other hand, it is because of the support of blockchain technology. The infrastructure of the application has not yet been built.

However, with the rise of the industrial Internet in recent years, more and more physical industries are trying to upgrade their industries with technology. In this process of providing services by a large number of system integrators, blockchain technology may have a lot of free rider development opportunities.

Fifth, how to seize the opportunity of the blockchain


So how do we grasp the wave of blockchain technology? The Zinc Link invites a group of senior practitioners in the industry who give their own insights:

"First of all, we must seek breakthroughs from the theory and core technology, form a technological system with independent technology and innovation. Second, practice and theory combine to serve the real economy. Third, we must actively promote the construction of standards and occupy the high point of rulemaking. "

——Wang Chao, General Manager of Hunan Smart Government Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

“The blockchain technology has just started, and there are many opportunities. We must abandon the hype mentality, attach importance to technology research and development; put an end to the solitude and self-respect, attach importance to industry integration; keep a close eye on national needs and cooperate with national strategy. As a professional blockchain security service provider, this time The speech made us see new hopes."

——Mu Zhiqiu, founder of Mozi Security Lab

“ Next, we will continue to adhere to independent innovation, strive to overcome core technologies, and work together with partners to promote the integration of blockchain and industry.”

——Zhen Xinlei, Head of Blockchain Department of Jingdong Digital Technology Innovation Technology Business Department

"We have prepared for this blockchain technology wave. Blockchain security is just the need of blockchain ecology. We will continue to take advantage of the development of the industry, deepen the technology, and devote ourselves to the needs of the industry."

——Chen Xia, founder of Chengdu Chain

“It must be based on not disturbing the financial order, the needs of the service entities, independent intellectual property rights, and being credible and controllable.”

——MOAC public chain founder

“For blockchain entrepreneurs, there are many opportunities, but not technicalism, it is necessary to practice hard work, and to combine practical research techniques with application scenarios. To solve the core business pain points, we can reflect the most fundamental business value.”

——Yu Butian, founder and CEO of Yunxiang Blockchain

“The country’s mention of the blockchain to such a height will definitely promote the development of the industry. Fortunately, we have been on the right track, focusing on the application of the judicial blockchain industry.”

—— Founder and CEO of Beijing Trust Technology Technology Ma Chenyun

"This speech will inevitably bring a wave of dividends. Funds and talents will once again flow into the blockchain industry, which will accelerate the application of blockchain. I believe the corresponding policies will also tilt towards blockchain technology and will bring A more relaxed market environment."

——Yu Zheng, founder of Youlv Chain and founder of Yuelv Group

“How blockchain technology can empower the real economy will be the core of the next step. Application is king, creating the core application under real blockchain technology is the most effective way for everyone to participate.”

——Bookmark Shopping CEO Han Baowen

“Technical updates of the blockchain will always exist. Compared with the opportunity to care about how to seize the technology wave, we should calm down and think about how to break through the technology. Only real technological breakthroughs will have the confidence to meet the opportunity. ”

——Wan Lin, founder of Zhigan Blockchain

“This is an opportunity, but it must be kept awake and treated correctly. The fish in the water, the opportunistic, and the only chicken feathers in the end. To be used in technology, it must be valuable to the industry.”

——Chen Yushu Blockchain CEO Fang Yushu

“It cannot be denied that technological innovation is indeed the primary productivity of social development, but any technological project is not supported by pure technology, which means that technology is not a threshold, and landing and mode are the key.”

——Yu Chain Technology everiToken founder CEO Luo Wei

“This speech mentioned the technology integration in the fields of digital finance, internet of things, smart manufacturing, etc. We have insisted on integrating and innovating blockchain technology and the Internet of Things from the beginning of its establishment, and unswervingly promoted the innovation of blockchain technology industry. Strive for development."

——Mu Lian Technology CEO Lin Yao

“Find out the sub-sectors and focus on making a special feature. For the underlying technology providers, we must look at the entire industry, do a good job in infrastructure, cooperate to build an ecosystem, and share the dividends brought by the technology wave.”

——Yi Cheng Technology CEO Ma Chenglong

“By speaking, the bottom layer technology track of the blockchain has already calibrated the seed players. There are very few new competition tracks, which require deep technical accumulation and precipitation to enter. Blockchain application, To G project opportunities will be biased The combination of the original blockchain core technology company, large software development company and university. The application of To C is mainly practiced within 2-3 years."

——Jingtong Technology COO Huang Yuqing

"To solve practical problems, we can seize the opportunity, and combine with the industry to discover what is needed in the application. Together with the developers, we can provide more convenient tools and cooperate with research institutions to know how to transform. The only way is to An open attitude to develop."

——Xi Ta Technology CEO Wang Xiaoliang

The digestion of the above five parts will help readers better understand why the central push blockchain technology and how different industries should deal with the blockchain technology wave.

The attention and input of cutting-edge technology has always been a worthwhile thing. From this perspective, the attention to blockchain technology actually represents the country’s overall attention to cutting-edge technology is increasing. It is also something we have to do to get the initiative in the future world.

The clarity of the top-level signal will eliminate most of the noise in the industry and relieve the “misunderstanding” of the blockchain. As a joke in the industry, "The first thing is to get into the mountains."

In the last week of 2018, the blockchain has entered a cold winter period, and the madness has stopped, silently and silently, only the remaining ones are sticking to it. At this time, the zinc link entered the market and shouted the “industrial blockchain” and decided to promote the application of the industry as an industrial media.

In the past less than a year, zinc links have often been asked "why the winter is on the line," and we replied: If you want to arrive in the spring, you must start in the winter.

Today, the spring of the industrial blockchain has arrived.

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