Market observation: Bitcoin is oscillating sideways, and the game in the futures market is intensifying

BFX.NU research members said that with the skyrocketing price of bitcoin, the overall mood of the cryptocurrency market has obviously warmed up. Bitcoin tried to break through 10,000 U of strong resistance yesterday, blocked the callback, and continued to fluctuate within a narrow range around $9000 in the morning. Mainstream currencies and platforms The currency is mixed. Among them, BFX24H rose by 9.75% and continued to lead the platform. In the futures market, as the volatility continued, the long and short game intensified. The whole network was long and short, and the short position overflowed by 2.36%. Among them, the NEO and ONT contracts led the increase, the NEO contract rose by 9.34%, and the ONT contract rose by 9.12%. Mainstream currency futures, ETH, EOS, ZEC and other 7 contracts, short-term Masukura is more obvious, while BTC, LTC, EOS and other 9 contracts are more obvious short-term lightening; platform currency futures sector, OKB contract continues last night Masukura The situation continued to maintain the size of the Masukura. The BNB and HT contracts continued to reduce their positions. The lightening of the warehouse was narrower than last night. The BNB contract shortened the short position by about 86,000.