Liberation Daily: We want to support true blockchain technology, not investment scams

The Liberation Daily published an article today that "the real blockchain is not the "bitcoin"." The blockchain technology is not complicated, but finding a suitable application scenario may require a long process. For example, the customs can use the blockchain to solve the problem of trade authenticity. The supply chain can use the blockchain to solve the accident traceability problem. Insurance can use the blockchain to solve the problem of fraudulent insurance fraud. These are the combination of technology and industry to solve practical problems. The example is also the future direction of the blockchain. But it is almost certain that while the industry is hot, there will inevitably be some investment scams with the blockchain banner. Remember, what we want to support is the real blockchain technology, not the encrypted digital currency. For this, regulators and investors must be awake and calm, and be aware of the risks and controllable risks. Those who are opportunistic and only want to rely on the blockchain will only become the bubble that has been squeezed out in the development of the blockchain.