Coinbase data: BTC is the most popular among users, ZRX has the longest typical holding period.

On October 26, CryptoDiffer counts the top 15 cryptocurrencies based on Coinbase user data. Coinbase recently showed three interesting trading signal data for its users, including the Typical Hold Time and popularity on Coinbase. According to statistics, BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency; DAI and REP, which have a market value of 50, entered the top 15 and CryptoRank was ranked 65 and 64 respectively. Holding time provides more information about market sentiment at a particular time. Typical holding time is the median time that a Coinbase customer holds a token before it sells the token or sends it to another account or address. ZRX is the leader with a holding period of 135 days. LTC, ETH and ETC have a holding period of more than 100 days. The obvious backwards are DAI and EOS, with a holding period of 1 day and 4 days respectively. Overall, these data provide users with interesting insights into market sentiment and may help them build a more balanced cryptocurrency portfolio.